The Institute of Health Sciences Education weekly meetings are intended to advance educational research and scholarship, build research capacity, and foster a vibrant educational research community. These meetings offer a venue for dialogue and knowledge exchange amongst members and provide a space for a range of activities such as: discussions about the design and conduct of education research projects; presentations about developments in health sciences/ health professions education, theory and research; educational research consultations; research capacity building; reviews of research proposals prior to IRB submission; debates about controversial topics in the field; journal clubs and book reviews; presentations by invited scholars; coaching on grant preparation and writing for publication; support for student projects; and informal ‘brainstorming’ sessions.


Regardless of the context, purpose or format, these weekly meetings represent opportunities to participate in an engaging community of practice, to network with educational scholars, and to showcase on-going scholarly projects and accomplishments of Institute members and students. We encourage colleagues to take advantage of these meetings to present research ideas at any stage within a collegial and supportive environment. The ultimate goal is to promote excellence in health sciences education research and scholarship and to nurture and inspire current and future practitioners and scholars in the field.


Although we endeavour to maintain a roster that is up to date and to post session details once they are confirmed, revisions are sometimes necessary with little advance notice. It is important to note that some topics announced in the calendar are provisional, and therefore this schedule is subject to change.




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