Jonathan Campbell Meakins & Family Memorial Fellowship

This Fellowship has been created to “further and/or reward excellence in medical education by either an advanced postgraduate trainee or a faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at McGill University.” More specifically, this Fellowship can be used as a salary award or to help fund activities related to medical education. Examples of such activities include: curriculum design or innovation, research in medical education, or advanced training in medical education.

Please note that this is not a teaching award or travel bursary; this annually awarded Fellowship is designed to reward and promote excellence in medical education.The value of this award is $5,000, and can be awarded to a maximum of two (2) recipients per academic year.

Selection Criteria
The selection criteria will include:

  • Past achievements in medical education
  • Current educational activities and interests
  • Proposed research and/or scholarly project
  • Potential impact of the award on personal career and medical education

Deadline for Applications
The deadline for applications will be to be announced for funds to be awarded in to be announced.

Application Process
To apply, please submit: (1) a copy of your CV; (2) a one-page description of your achievements and future plans in medical education; (3) a one-page description of your proposed project and anticipated outcomes; (4) a one-page outline of your proposed budget; and (5) a letter of reference from your departmental or divisional chair supporting your proposed project.

For Further Information
To submit your application and for further information, please contact:

The Institute of Health Sciences Education, McGill University
Lady Meredith House, Room 205
1110 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, QC H3A 1A3
Tel: (514) 398-4987
E-mail: [at]

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