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Microbiology and Immunology

Why Us?

McGill ranks among the world's top universities.

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Serological testing for Leishmania infection in Bihar, India

Read Dr Matlashewski's article "Research priorities for elimination of visceral leishmaniasis" in THE LANCET Global Health.

Community Outreach

Our department offers many opportunities to reach out to our community and to get young people interested and excited about science. If interested, please contact us!

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MIMM's Research Services

Our department offers different research services to McGill and non-McGill staff

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Melissa Bedard

Congratulations to Melissa Bedard on winning the 1st prize in the Biological diversity, developmental biology & neuroscience category at the Undergraduate Research Conference on October 2nd!

“Reductions in intestinal Clostridiales precede the development of nosocomial Clostridium difficile infection”

Caroline Vincent has been chosen to receive a McGill MedStar Award in recognition of the excellent research she carried out in the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr Richer joined the Department as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor. He is coming back to Montreal after training at UBC and University of Iowa. He brings expertise in the Immunology of CD8 T Cells and Inflammation.

Interested in graduate studies!

Our department offers an excellent graduate program that provides state-of-the-art training, with an emphasis on molecular aspects of virology, immunology, and microbial genetics/physiology.

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What We Do

We are a team of 20 internationally recognized faculty members, over 40 associate and adjunct members, more than 300 trainees, and 30 administrative and technical staff committed to carry out excellent teaching, research and service in the areas of Infection and Immunity. Our teaching expands from undergraduate to advanced graduate and post-graduate education using hands on problem solving approaches and cutting edges technologies.

Our research at the forefront of knowledge answers critical questions regarding human health such as what makes microbes helpful and how we can promote healthy immunity.

Members of the department are nationally and internationally engaged in community outreach to ensure that the results of our teaching and research translate into public awareness and policies that promote health and wellbeing.

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Community Outreach