Resources and Services for Students

Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program - QcSE 

As a researcher in emerging technologies, you may be considering an alternative career path beyond academia. The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship program brings together a community of students and recent STEM and Social Sciences graduates to explore entrepreneurship for the first time. The QcSE online lab-to-market program helps you explore entrepreneurship to transform your academic research into a world-changing tech company.

Tool for goal setting

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has developed an online tool to help trainees develop an individual development plan. This tool doesn't take long to use and helps trainees identify possible careers and develop strategies to attain career goals.

List of opportunities for Graduate Students and Post Docs to develop teaching and pedagogical skills

Skillset’s “Learning to Teach” Day
This workshop is a great introduction to best practices in teaching. It is open to graduate students and postdocs.

“Crafting Your Teaching Philosophy Statement” workshop
This workshop is especially useful for trainees who are applying for jobs that involve teaching responsibilities.

T-PULSE graduate teaching workshop
This workshop is facilitated by Tomlinson Graduate Teaching Fellows. These trainees are graduate students studying in STEM disciplines.

Become a T-PULSE fellow
Graduate students with a strong interest in teaching can consider applying to become a Tomlinson Graduate Teaching Fellow.

EDPH698: Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
This is a graduate course offered by the Faculty of Education. Students learn to design a university-level course.


Guidelines for Accommodation of Pregnant/Breastfeeding Students in Labs


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