Supervisor Guidebook

Supervisor Confirmation Form

Supervisor(s) should fill out and sign The Supervisor Confirmation Form and send it back to the applicant by email. The applicant must review, and sign the form. It is the applicant's responsibility to upload the form to his/her online application. Applications will not be considered unless The Supervisor Confirmation Form is uploaded.

Other important documents



Letter_Template_to_Contact an_Oral_Defence_Committee_Member (.docx)

Regulations on Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking

McGill Policies and Guidelines on Graduate Student Advising and Supervision

For Guidance and practical advice for new and experienced graduate supervisors (clarifying expectations, student-supervisor relationships, problems and solutions, starting out) visit


Co-supervision’s roles and responsibilities

A co-supervisor’s role is defined as follows:

  • Must be a member of the Advisory Committee.
  • Must be a member on the Comprehensive Exam committee
  • Must be a member of the Ph.D. Oral Defense committee and review of thesis.
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