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Bold thinking is our policy. Better policy is our impact.

Tackling the complexity of global challenges demands a different approach to public policy. Through our teaching, research, policy engagement, and public outreach, we develop the skills and understanding to solve the most important issues facing Canada and the world today.

Professor teaching a class filled with students

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

The Max Bell School of Public Policy offers a full-time and intensive 11-month MPP program.

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Applied Policy Research

Person standing at a mike surrounded by people in an auditorium

Effective Public Outreach

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Credible Policy Engagement

The Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy

The Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy is McGill’s focal point on critical research and public debate about the role of media and emerging technologies in shaping democracy and public life.

The Equalizer Podcast

The Equalizer is a podcast that tackles complex policy issues and distills them into their clearest form. Join your hosts, MPP graduates Nayantara Sudhakar and Yvette Yakibonge, for candid conversations with emerging and established figures in the front lines of social justice and equitable policy-making

MAX Policy

MAX Policy is a collection of provocative ideas and policy solutions generated by the minds at the Max Bell School of Public Policy.

Discover our Career Services

From mentorships and workshops to recruitment and job postings, take advantage of the varied career services that are available to current students, employers, and alumni. 

Meet Our People

A series of interviews and videos featuring the Faculty and MPP students at the Max Bell School of Public Policy. Learn more about their experiences and perspectives.

MPP Policy Labs

The Policy Lab gives our students a unique opportunity to work closely with a private, public or non-profit organization to solve a real-world policy issue, while building connections and gaining invaluable experience.


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