The Excessive Cost of “Phasing Out” Canada’s Oil and Gas Production

5 Jun 2023

Chris Ragan, Paul Rochon, and Mark Jaccard highlight the consequences of phasing out Canada's oil and gas production in the aims of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Canadian Membership in AUKUS: A Time for Action

10 May 2023

Vincent Rigby, Christopher Hernandez-Roy and Henry Ziemer explored why Canada is not a member of the AUKUS, and what membership could mean to Canada.

The Energy Transition We Need | Watch the Videos

8 May 2023

The first annual Ecofiscal conference hosted by the Max Bell School of Public Policy highlighted some of the biggest policy challenges Canada faces in the years ahead as it determines its path...

Video | Should Canadians Worry About Inflation?

4 May 2023

On March 21, 2023, the Max Bell School Should Canadians Worry About Inflation? Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?, a panel event that brought together top economists to discuss the rising costs of...

Human Trafficking and the Digital Divide

3 May 2023

McConnell Visiting Scholar Olivia Smith describes how human traffickers have adopted chat rooms, smartphones, and video surveillance and what policy can do to address this.

The assignment? Solving a real-world problem

3 May 2023

This article has been written by Patrick McDonagh for McGill News Alumni Magazine, April 2023....

Announcing the 2023 Jack Layton Prize Winners

4 Apr 2023

The Max Bell School is thrilled to announce the winners of the second Jack Layton Essay Prize for a Better Canada. This year's winners wrote about policies that should and could be adopted to...

A tale of two bread lines: Rising inflation in a Canadian context

4 Apr 2023

The 2023 Jack Layton Prize for a Better Canada-winning essay by Jimy Beltran and Abigail Jackson outlines critical actions we could take to fight inflation.

Will Governments or Markets Drive Canada’s Energy Transition?

22 Mar 2023

From Chris Ragan and Rachel Samson - Governments should resist the siren song of being too hands-on in the direction of specific sectors or technologies, and focus instead on addressing the market...



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