Addressing corporate concentration | Event Recap

19 Apr 2024

This event with Robin Shaban, Matthew Holmes and Chris Ragan discussed the Canadian corporate concentration.

Our MPP students: Sean Celi

18 Apr 2024

Sean Celi shares what led him to pursue an MPP at Max Bell.

Unexpected Climate Connections | Watch the Videos

28 Mar 2024

The second annual Ecofiscal conference hosted by the Max Bell School of Public Policy highlighted some of the biggest policy challenges Canada faces in the years ahead as it determines its path...

Ukraine deserves long-term financial commitment from Canada

27 Feb 2024

Two years into the war, it is evident that “for as long as it takes” will mean years into the future, writes Vincent Rigby and Eugene Lang.

Labour migration expert Olivia Smith on prior learning and assessment

25 Jan 2024

Learn more about Olivia Smith, Max Bell School of Public Policy's McConnell Visiting Scholar for 2022-2024.

Introducing Vass Bednar and Denise Hearn: the 2024 McGill Max Bell Lecturers

23 Jan 2024

The 2024 lecturers for the McGill Max Bell Lecture Series are Vass Bednar and Denise Hearn. Their book and lectures will focus on the importance and limitations of present-day competition policy in...

Learning policy implementation in Ottawa

20 Dec 2023

In our annual field trip to Ottawa, the MPP students learned directly from policymakers.

Andrew Leach lectures on climate change myths

12 Dec 2023

The 2023 McGill Max Bell Lectures took energy transition conversations to Ottawa, Calgary, and Montréal.

Is there trouble ahead for Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy?

5 Dec 2023

Vincent Rigby and Aftab Ahmed on Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy released one year ago.



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