Applied Policy Research

Whatever the specific topic being examined — from trade policy to digital governance to international cooperation — the Max Bell School’s research activities emphasize not only the theory of sound public policy but the importance of the many practical details of policy implementation.

The Max Bell School's faculty are involved in a number of research centers, initiatives, and projects including the following:

Media Ecosystem Observatory

The Media Ecosystem Observatory is an emerging project that investigates the integrity of the public sphere. Professor Taylor Owen is a co-principal investigator of the project. The objective is to develop an evidence-based model for information ecosystem health, in order to both better understand the online harms and digital threats to democracy, and to safeguard against it.


The Centre for International Peace and Security Studies at McGill University (CIPSS) and Université de Montréal brings together researchers interested by issues related to international peace and security as well as global governance and international cooperation. Max Bell School Professor Jennifer Welsh directs this initiative, which facilitates research through public activities such as academic presentations and its annual Student Conference. 

Digital Democracy Project

The Digital Democracy Project, co-led by Max Bell School Professor Taylor Owen, studied the media ecosystem in the run-up to and during Canada’s October 2019 federal election. 

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