Applied Policy Research

Whatever the specific topic being examined — from trade policy to digital governance to international cooperation — the Max Bell School’s research activities emphasize not only the theory of sound public policy but the importance of the many practical details of policy implementation.

Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy

The Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy led by Taylor Owen is McGill’s focal point on critical research and public debate about the role of media and emerging technologies in shaping democracy and public life, pioneering research and policy activism on the interplay between media and technology and its relationship to public life and democracy.

Centre for International Peace and Security Studies

Established in 1995, the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies combines the academic strengths in international security studies from McGill University and l'Université de Montréal and is co-directed by Jennifer Welsh.

Preventing Homelessness and Intimate Partner Violence

The research stream on Preventing Homelessness and Intimate Partner Violence co-chaired by Pearl Eliadis engages with gender rights and the prevention of homelessness in the context of intimate partner violence (IPV). Centered on law reform opportunities in Quebec for women experiencing intimate partner violence, the project aims to identify potential areas of policy reform, working collaboratively with lawyers, social workers and public health experts.

The Research Network for Women, Peace and Security

The Research Network on Women, Peace and Security co-directed by Jennifer Welsh mobilizes Canadian-based expertise on issues related to the WPS agenda, and more broadly, to the intersections of militarism, (in)security, settler-colonialism, gender, race, sexuality and disability.

Projects & Papers

Policy Lab

In these reports and presentations from our past MPP cohorts, read about proposed policy solutions for complex issues.

MAX Policy

Max Policy is a collection of provocative ideas and policy solutions generated by the minds at the Max Bell School of Public Policy.

Racial Profiling in Policing

Recordings of panels, articles from MPPs, and speaker Q&As from our 2021 conference.

Choosing the Right Target

Read comments and watch recordings of the session.

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