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MAX Policy is a collection of provocative ideas and policy solutions generated by the minds at the Max Bell School of Public Policy.

Ukraine deserves long-term financial commitment from Canada

27 Feb 2024

Two years into the war, it is evident that “for as long as it takes” will mean years into the future, writes Vincent Rigby and Eugene Lang.

Is there trouble ahead for Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy?

5 Dec 2023

Vincent Rigby and Aftab Ahmed on Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy released one year ago.

Where is Canada's strategy for a world in crisis?

31 Oct 2023

The global security environment continues to deteriorate on an almost daily basis, and Canada, once again, is struggling to respond, says Vincent Rigby.

Arctic Security Awakening – A Wake-Up Call for Canada?

23 Aug 2023

Vincent Rigby and Christopher Sands provide the four key takeaways that underscore the urgency for Canada to rethink and re-energize its own Arctic policy commitments. 

Canada’s policy ecosystem is in need of major updates

6 Jul 2023

Government insider Neil Bouwer believes Canada’s policy ecosystem needs four major upgrades.

The Excessive Cost of “Phasing Out” Canada’s Oil and Gas Production

5 Jun 2023

Chris Ragan, Paul Rochon, and Mark Jaccard highlight the consequences of phasing out Canada's oil and gas production in the aims of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Canadian Membership in AUKUS: A Time for Action

10 May 2023

Vincent Rigby, Christopher Hernandez-Roy and Henry Ziemer explored why Canada is not a member of the AUKUS, and what membership could mean to Canada.

Human Trafficking and the Digital Divide

3 May 2023

McConnell Visiting Scholar Olivia Smith describes how human traffickers have adopted chat rooms, smartphones, and video surveillance and what policy can do to address this.


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