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MAX Policy

MAX Policy is a collection of provocative ideas and policy solutions generated by the minds at the Max Bell School of Public Policy. Stay tuned for more essays from Anne Andermann, Stephen Gordon, Nicholas King, Louis Levesque, John Stewart, Brian Topp, Ian Peach and Daniel Weinstock.

Ken Boessenkool Argues for a Childcare Baby Bonus

14 Jan 2021

COVID-19 has hit working mothers hard. Accessible and affordable childcare will be key in determining whether mothers will recover their pre-COVID levels of employment and wages.

Pearl Eliadis on Quebec's "Universal" Healthcare System

15 Dec 2020

Pearl Eliadis discusses how Quebec's healthcare system excludes its most vulnerable Canadian citizens.

Howard Balloch on Canada's China Policy

25 Nov 2020

Howard Balloch writes about the political imperative for the current Canadian government to articulate a new “China Policy,” a reset from the warmth and priority of the past decades.

Ken Boessenkool: The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

29 Oct 2020

Conservatives should embrace a carbon tax, but not for the reasons you think.

Chris Ragan Writes about Canada's Infrastructure Spending

27 Oct 2020

In this piece, Chris Ragan writes that Canada should increase its infrastructure spending, but not as short-term stimulus.

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