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MAX Policy

MAX Policy is a collection of provocative ideas and policy solutions generated by the minds at the Max Bell School of Public Policy.

Are Dangers Lurking Within the Bank of Canada’s New Mandate?

16 Dec 2021

After going through it with a fine-tooth comb, Chris Ragan asks what we should make of the latest joint statement by the Government and the Bank.

Ian Peach on What Allyship Demands

9 Dec 2021

In the journey towards Reconciliation, how can non-Indigenous people show solidarity—meaningfully?

Pearl Eliadis on the Overreach of Bill 96

6 Dec 2021

Pearl Eliadis argues that Bill 96 goes far beyond what is necessary or appropriate to protect the French language.

Ndidi Nwuneli on Fostering Food Security in Cities

30 Nov 2021

Growing urbanization rates, congestion, and real estate prices have exposed cities to new disruptions in global and local food markets.

Will Liberalism Prevail?

29 Nov 2021

Peter Nicholson explores the origins and drivers of populist challenges to liberalism from both ends of the political spectrum

Moving Fast in Canada's Social Services Sector

22 Nov 2021

Ken Boessenkool on how shifting the way that the social services sector operates could accelerate a societal shift to wellbeing and stop emerging social issues before they begin.

Chris Ragan on the Bank of Canada's Mandate

22 Nov 2021

Interviewed by Sean Speer, Chris Ragan outlines the history of the Bank of Canada's agreement with the federal government leading up to the mandate's expiration in January 2022.

Jennifer Welsh on Foreign Policy in Afghanistan

9 Nov 2021

For the millions of Afghans who remain in crisis, the narrative that defines their situation could impact the stability of their future.

Steve Ambler: Why the Bank of Canada Should Target Nominal GDP Rather than Inflation

2 Aug 2021

By targeting the nominal GDP, the Bank can propagate economic recovery and create a more robust monetary policy.


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