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1906 Management education begins at McGill University. The Department of Commerce is established within the Faculty of Arts, offering “commercial courses to train people as accountants, clerks, and the like.” A Diploma of Commerce is awarded to students completing the two-year program.
1912 The Commerce program is named the School of Commerce, and the first Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degrees are awarded by McGill in 1915.
1918 The Licentiate in Accountancy program is first offered, which later evolves into the Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy. 
1920 McGill’s School of Commerce is founded, independent of the Faculty of Arts.
1949 Executive-level management courses are introduced in the School of Commerce.
1963 McGill opens its Graduate School of Business Administration, offering its first Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.
1965 McGill graduates its first MBA class. Businessman and future McGill benefactor Seymour Schulich is one of the graduates.
1968 The Faculty of Management of McGill University is established, incorporating the School of Commerce and the Graduate School of Business Administration.
1972 The Samuel Bronfman Building is inaugurated, providing the Faculty of Management with a modern new home on Sherbrooke Street. A generous donation from the Bronfman family makes the building possible. 
1976 The Faculty of Management initiates a joint PhD program with Concordia University, École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) of the Université de Montréal, and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).
1978 The joint MBA/Law program receives approval. Applications begin in 1979.
1980s The Faculty establishes the Management Science Research Centre with a capital endowment from the Royal Bank of Canada.
1988 The Faculty establishes the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, thanks to a generous donation from the John Dobson Foundation.

In an effort to provide a much-needed link between financial market theory and practical investment experience, McGill pioneers the Applied Investments Program, which was the first program of its kind in Canada.
1989 The Faculty establishes the Centre for Strategy Studies in Organizations with contributions from Royal Trustco, Imperial Oil, Steinberg Inc., Arnold Steinberg, and the McGill Management Institute. The Centre for International Management Studies is also created with an endowment from Power Corporation of Canada.
1991 Chaired by Paul Desmarais Jr. (BCom’77), an International Advisory Board is established to seek management education advice from leading Canadian and foreign business leaders.
1992 The McGill Institute of Marketing (MIM) is launched, providing an active forum to exchange and cross-pollinate ideas and expertise in marketing.
1996 The Faculty launches three new programs, all of which are Canadian “firsts”: the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM), the Joint MD/MBA program, and, in conjunction with the McGill Faculty of Engineering, the Masters in Manufacturing Management (MMM).
The John E. Cleghorn (BCom'62) Distinguished Teaching and Research Chair in Management Studies is established.
1998 The Faculty launches the MBA Japan program, the first Canadian degree program offered in Japan.
1999 McGill opens the Power Corporation International Executive Centre on the sixth floor of the Bronfman Building to offer students of the McGill Executive Institute improved education facilities.

The Canadian Credit Management Foundation endows a chair in Integrative Health Management.

The McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economic (MCCHE) is established, forging an unprecedented worldwide alliance of scientists, food-industry executives, health care leaders and policy markers.   

2004 The Faculty launches the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP), marking a new generation of executive education.
2005 McGill’s MBA program celebrates its 40th anniversary. The Desmarais Global Finance Research Centre, made possible by a donation from the Desmarais family, is established.

Herschel Victor (BCom'44), Chairman and CEO of Jack Victor Ltd., a men’s clothing manufacturer, makes a generous donation to renovate the lobby of the Bronfman Building. The lobby is named in his honour.

On November 17, the Canadian Credit Management Foundation and Marcel Desautels donate $22 million to the Faculty. The gift is the largest single donation ever made to a business or management faculty in Canada. The Faculty is named the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University.
2006 The Faculty launches the International Masters in Health Leadership (IMHL).

The Faculty evaluates and redesigns the Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy.

The Expert Panels are formed with top level executives from around the world in the areas of Investment & Risk Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation Management, and Global Strategy & Leadership.


The Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management is opened, bringing new, cohesive direction to the Faculty under the integrated management approach.

The Faculty evaluates and redesigns the MBA program under the integrated management umbrellla, while adding 40 new professors.

The Faculty launches the Executive MBA (EMBA) program with HEC Montreal.

The Faculty evaluates and redesigns the Honours in Investment Management option in the BCom program.

The joint International Business Families Centre, between the Desautels Faculty of Management and HEC Montréal, is launched, offering bilingual services for family enterprises in Quebec and Canada.

Another research centre, the Program for International Competitiveness, begins operations to harness and distribute knowledge in the fields of globalization, strategy, innovation, and firm competitiveness.


The Faculty launches the NSERC-CREATE program.

The first-ever Hot Cities of the World Tour begins, taking BCom and MBA students to Israel.

The interdisciplinary Major in International Management is offered at the BCom level.

2010 The Faculty evaluates and redesigns the Professional Part-Time MBA and MBA Japan program under the integrated management umbrella.
2011 In partnership between staff, academic members, students and the International Advisory Board, the Faculty undertakes a strategic planning initiative, resulting in a more clearly defined vision for future Faculty endeavors in the years 2011-2015.
2013 The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) grants the Desautels Faculty of Management the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation for a five-year period.
2015 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the first graduating MBA class at McGill. Read more about how the Faculty is celebrating this landmark anniversary.

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