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Desautels Capital Management provides real-life experiential learning investment management opportunities

Desautels Capital Management (DCM)

We are committed to providing opportunities to apply classroom theory to real-world challenges and industry projects. McGill Desautels Master of Management in Finance (MMF) students benefit from experiential learning through a multitude of initiatives, many of which are supported by generous alumni. 

Desautels Capital Management Inc. (DCM) is Canada’s first university-owned, student-run, licensed and regulated investment firm with assets totaling $7.5M. Established in 2009, Desautels Capital Management offers students a distinctive hands-on experience in asset management, equipping them for a seamless transition into the workforce.

McGill Desautels also offers a plethora of social events designed to propel students' careers. Drawing from the strengths of the Desautels Global Experts (DGE), a group of over 100 seasoned industry leaders, students benefit from regular guest lectures, informal networking events, and company visits.

The firm currently manages four funds:

  1. The Desautels Global Equity Fund
  2. The Desautels Fixed Income Fund
  3. The Desautels Alpha Squared Equity Fund
  4. The Desautels Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Equity Fund.

The first two funds are managed by the Honours in Investment Management (HIM) students and the latter by MMF students. Each fund has a team of student-analysts, led by a strategist. Students are guided by experienced faculty members and by the Desautels Global Experts (DGE) with expertise in investment management.

Alpha Squared Equity Fund

The Alpha Squared Equity Fund was launched in January 2017 to provide MMF students with real-world investment management experience. MMF students work as Analysts for DCM and are responsible for all elements of the $1-million Fund, including research, trade execution, portfolio and risk management, compliance, and settlement. The Fund uses a combination of top-down macroeconomic views, bottom-up fundamental valuation, and quantitative analysis. The MMF's rigorous curriculum provides students with the necessary skills to become effective managers, and students are further mentored by DCM's Chief Investment Officer, Prof. Vadim di Pietro.

Desautels SRI Equity Fund

The Desautels Faculty of Management has introduced a new fund dedicated to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) under DCM. Learn more

For further information on Fund details, investment style, and past student publications visit

International study trip

Brett Hickey, Star Mountain CapitalThe annual London, England, study trip is an immersive experience offering a firsthand view of today’s financial landscape in a bustling metropolis. Leveraging McGill’s extensive alumni network, students meet with leaders in major financial organizations operating across different areas to gain direct insights into the operations of the city's thriving financial sector.

Over the course of five days, facilitated by McGill's robust alumni connections, students engage with diverse financial entities spanning sectors like asset management, real estate, risk management, and private equity.

Master of Management in Finance (MMF) students on a trip to New York City (Nov 2018)Students Investing in a Better World

The Desautels Faculty has introduced a new fund dedicated to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) under Desautels Capital Management (DCM) – a student-run, registered investment management firm.

The newly introduced SRI fund will allow students to consider environmental, social, and governance criteria in the investment process more profoundly in order to underline the centrality of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in industry.

“Social responsibility is becoming more and more important to our investors and it’s also something that our students are very passionate about,” said Vadim di Pietro, Associate Professor of Finance and Chief Investment Officer at DCM.

For Paul Barnett, Managing Director at Ulysses Management, DCM effectively equips students with not only the knowledge about important issues like CSR, but also the skills to make an impact in the workplace.

“The hands-on experience that DCM offers is essential. Experiences that simulate the work environment allow new graduates to hit the ground running and make immediate contributions to their employer,” affirms Barnett.

If industry members can already attest to the value of the DCM experience, di Pietro sees the introduction of the SRI fund as a further step in the right direction: “Above all else, we must continue to meet our responsibility as an educational institution to prepare future financial leaders with a strong sense of community, business ethics and personal integrity.”

Photo: Master of Management in Finance (MMF) students on a trip to New York City (Nov. 2018)

Experiential learning

Vadim di Pietro

"As analysts at Desautels Capital Management, MMF students put theory to practice to generate alpha for our investors. If you’re passionate about finance, this is the place to be."

Vadim di Pietro
Chief Investment Officer,
Desautels Capital Management

Learn how Desautels Capital Management provides McGill finance students with experiential learning

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