Course Load

Course Load

A full-time course load in the Faculty of Management is 4-5 courses (12-15 credits) per term; a full year is normally 30 credits. This credit total includes courses taken at McGill and, if applicable, concurrent courses taken through the Québec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT).


12 credits minimum per term
  • for full-time status, which will be the eligibility requirement for student visas, most loans and bursaries
17 credits maximum per term
14 credits maximum per term
27 graded (non-S/U) credits minimum per year
(both the Fall and Winter terms, excludes Summer term_)

Summer course registration

  • The maximum number of credits you may take in the Summer session is 12 credits. This credit total includes McGill courses and courses taken at another host university during the Summer term.
  • The McGill schedule of lectures in Summer courses is very intensive; therefore, you may not register for more than two courses in any one McGill Summer term.

Part-time student status

If you are registered for fewer than 12 credits in a semester, you are considered to be a part-time student in that semester. Students are advised to consult with their service providers to ensure that they are meeting the necessary course load requirements to maintain services. If a student wishes to reduce their course load to below 12 credits, they are advised to have documentation on hand to support their decision should they need to justify their reduced course load to a service provider at a later date. If you are considering reducing your course load to less than 12 credits, your part-time status may affect the following:

Scholarships or financial aid Scholarships and Student Aid
CAQ or international study permit International Student Services
Loans, RESPs, health insurance Bank, health insurance provider, etc.

Exceeding 17 credits per semester

If you wish to register for more than 17 credits per term (and maximum of 19 credits per term) for Fall/Winter, or more than 12 credits for Summer, please make an appointment with a BCom Academic Advisor.

Please note that grades for your preceding term of study MUST be available in order for your request to be reviewed.  This means that, for example, if you are requesting a course overload for the Winter semester, your Fall grades and CGPA must be available before a decision can be made. 

  • If you are a newly-admitted student, you must wait until you have completed a full year of studies before you can apply for a course overload.
  • If your McGill CGPA is above 3.50, your request will normally be approved with good reason. 
  • If your CGPA is below 3.50, there will need to be more justification as to the reason why you wish to exceed your credits in writing.
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