In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights, and subject to the conditions stated therein, students have the right to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and the right to discuss this submission with the examiner.

The Faculty of Management recognizes two types of rereads or reassessments:

  • reread of graded assessments (term papers, mid-terms, assignments, quizzes, etc.);
  • reread of a final exam.

In both cases, rather than re-correct the work and then grade it as they would have done themselves, reviewers assess the appropriateness of the original grade based, for example, on the application of the grading key to the student's work. If a grade is deemed unfair, it is changed, whether the new grade is higher or lower than the original, i.e. the reviewer's grade takes precedence over the original grade.

Steps in a Re-Read 

Step 1: Check with your Instructor

In a case where a student feels that an error has been made in arriving at the final grade, the student must firstly consult with their instructor and discuss with them before making any requests. Before requesting a reread it is important that the student first should attempt to work out the issue with the instructor. A re-read can result in a grade being raised, lowered or stay unchanged. The outcome is final. 

Final Exam Re-reads 
If you haven't done so, please review your final exam before requesting a Re-read request.

Step 2: Check Deadlines

Term  Last Date to Submit a Re-Read Application
Fall Term Courses March 31st 
Winter Term Courses September 30th
Summer Term Courses September 30th
Graded assessment rereads, must be submitted 10 working days from the date of return of the graded material. 
The cost of a re-read application is $35.00

Reassessments and rereads in courses not in the Desautels Faculty of Management are subject to the deadlines, rules and regulations of the relevant faculty.

Submitting a Re-Read Request

Group Requests
Requests for rereads involving group work require the consent of all members of the group, but only one reread fee will be assessed. Participation scores may not be re-assessed. 
Individual Requests 
It is recommended before submitting a re-read request to meet with an academic adviser to go over your options and assess if it good idea to go ahead with the request

Webform Re-Read Request

Once you have decided to submit a re-read request - fill out the appropriate webform. Please note it will take sometimes several months to get a reply. 

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