Various scholarships, prizes and medals are open to returning and graduating students. A complete list of Management scholarships can be found in the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards 2020-21. Registered students are automatically considered by the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee for each award for which they are eligible that are based solely on academic excellence.  

Update for 2020/21 academic year ONLYDue to COVID-19 disruptions, and more flexibility granted for students to choose the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option, the eligibility criteria is temporarily amended to require 24 graded credits for the 2020/21 academic session and maintain full-time status in each semester (12 graded credits in Fall and 12 graded credits in Winter). If you are registered for only one term you must complete 12 McGill graded credits.  
Applications for the 2021 will open in May 2021. Please refer to your email for more details. 

For more information please contact jennifer.l.hunter [at] (Jennifer Hunter).

  • Applications are required for Scholarships given for academic excellence with leadership, extracurricular and community involvement. 
  • Other awards do not require an application if they are granted solely on academic excellence, students will be informed in the summer if they were selected. 
  • Please note In Course Scholarships when awarded, are deposited into your fall/winter fee account for the following year, you must remain a full-time student to keep the award. Expected graduates are not eligible to apply.
  • Dean's Honour List for returning student is automatically calculated by the BCom office and will appear on your transcript if you ranked in the top 10% of your class. You must have completed 24 graded credits.  


You may apply to as many awards as you feel you are eligible to receive. Please note that you will ONLY be considered for the awards for which you have applied.

Commerce 1955 Scholarships 

  • entering U1, U2, U3 
  • outstanding academic achievement
  • extracurricular university or civic involvement
  • (3 awards)

Dr. Alex Paterson Scholarship 

  • entering U1, U2, U3
  • completed at least one year of the BCom 
  • high academic standing 
  • leadership skills and community involvement, extra-curricular activities 
  • (2 awards)

Marcel A. Desautels Leadership Scholarship 

  • entering U2 or U3 
  • ​high academic standing 
  • outstanding leadership skills

HSBC Bank Canada Management Awards

  • U2 student
  • Major in Finance 
  • high academic standing 
  • extracurricular involvement 
  • (3 awards)

Hervé Desrosiers Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies

  • entering U3
  • concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies, entering the third year 
  • high academic standing 
  • leadership skills and community involvement, extra-curricular activities 

The Danny and Monica Gold Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership

  • entering U3
  • major in International Management 
  • entering third year
  • high academic standing 
  • outstanding leadership qualities 

Shirin Yeganegi Memorial Scholarship 

  • entering U1, U2, U3
  • completed at least one year of BCom
  • high academic standing 
  • outstanding involvement in extra-curricular activities involving student life

Great West Life & London Life Scholarship 

  • entering U3
  • high academic standing 
  • preference given to students involved in extra-curricular activities

Laurentian Bank Scholarships

  • entering U2 or U3
  • Preference to Quebec students
  • strong leadership qualities 

Donald R. McRobie Scholarship 

  • entering U2
  • demonstrated leadership
Philippe & Nan-b de Gaspe Beaubien Citizenship Prize
  • entering U2 or U3 
  • volunteer & corporate social responsibility 
  • Awarded in odd years only

Marion McCall Daly Award

  • Entering U2
  • Academic record
  • Contribution to Canadian life

Sheila Wellington BMO Financial Group Award

  • Entering U1, U2
  • High academic standing
  • Major in Finance 
  • Leadership, community, and extracurricular involvement
  • (2 awards)

Peter Brojde Scholarships

  • Entering U1, U2 
  • Academic merit
  • Demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship 
  • Entrepreneurial leadership 
  • (3 awards)

BCom Class of 1990 Activity Award

  • Entering U1, U2, U3 
  • Demonstrate involvement, commitment and a positive contribution to the McGill community and/or the Greater Montreal community.
  • Value: varies

Devon Anthony Haye Social Impact Scholarship

Established in 2021 by the Haye family to honour the memory of Devon Anthony Haye. As a student at the Desautels Faculty of Management, Devon excelled in academics and embodied an unwavering positive attitude coupled with integrity and self-awareness. As a conscious citizen of the world around him, he brought drive and passion for the improvement of the lives of people and communities near and far, motivating others to do the same.

Awarded by the Desautels Faculty of Management Scholarships Committee on the basis of academic merit, this scholarship recognizes an undergraduate student enrolled in the Desautels Faculty of Management. Preference will be given to students whose activities outside of the classroom have a strong social impact (i.e., betterment of society, support of marginalized peoples, environmental concerns), carried out with compassion, positivity, and leadership. 

Applicants should provide a resume and a statement of personal achievements in service through the Desautels Faculty of Management or the broader community that have a social impact, particularly where the business management principles being learned in the BCom program are employed for the social good. Applicants will be encouraged to provide evidence of demonstrated leadership or mentorship within a peer group, contributions made in a team environment, creative problem solving, and a recognition of the impact of decisions on others.

Graduating Awards 

All scholarships for graduating students, except the Goldbloom Prize, are awarded based on 

  • GPA 

  • Program of study 

For all scholarships see Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards Calendar

Stephen S. Goldbloom Memorial Prize 

  • Graduating students only 
  • Does not require full-time status in the final year.
  • $500

Anil Gondi Community Impact Award

  • Established in 2020 by Anil Gondi, BCom 1998 for one or more fourth year BCom students. Awarded by the Desautels Faculty of Management Scholarships Committee to BCom students with a demonstrated commitment to the community and who have made a positive impact.
  • Value: Varies.

Jaclyn Fisher Volunteer Leadership Award

  • Established in 2016 in loving memory of Jaclyn (Jackie) Lea Fisher, BA 2015, who suffered from Crohn 's Disease from a young age and passed away at the age of 25 from a rare form of cancer, shortly after her graduation, by her parents Rina Shi/man Fisher, MEd 1988 and Larry Fisher, BCom 1977, DPA 1979, and her sister Rachel Fisher, MDCM 2006. Jackie's dedication to others was apparent through the many hours she spent volunteering with the Crohns and Colitis Foundation, her High School, College and greater community. At McGill she worked as an Organizational Behaviour Course Counsellor and then a Junior Steering Committee member, serving as a student leader within the program. Awarded by the Desautels Faculty of Management Scholarships Committee on the basis of academic merit to one graduating undergraduate student concentrating or majoring in Organizational Behaviour who demonstrates involvement, commitment and a positive contribution to the Greater Montreal community. 
  • specifically looking for students in OB with volunteer or community contribution in wider MONTREAL community
  • Value: varies

Richard G. Donovan Award in Case Excellence

Richard Donovan Prize in Case Excellence

Established in 2021 by family and friends, and McGill alumni, faculty and staff, to honour the memory of Professor Richard G. Donovan. Professor Donovan was involved with every aspect of developing the prestige of the Desautels case program through generously contributing his time and expertise as a coach to numerous case teams, creating and teaching the case course, spearheading competitions, and mentoring case coach colleagues from other universities. The spirit of this award is to recognize students who exemplified Professor Donovan’s values of competing to the best of one’s abilities and striving for growth, creativity, collaboration, and fun. Awarded annually by the Desautels Faculty of Management Scholarships Committee to recognize one or more graduating BCom students who have excelled in case competition work and who have contributed to case at the Desautels Faculty.

  • MUST have done BUSA 499: Case Class
  • Value: varies

Internship Awards

Murdoch Family Initiative Awards

Established in 2012 by Neil Murdoch (BCom'81) and Gisele Murdoch, these awards will support undergraduate students in the Desautels Faculty of Management to take the initiative to gain practical experience during their studies and to encourage students to be creative and entrepreneurial.

The first award will be for a student, in good academic standing, undertaking an internship related to their field of study which is either unpaid, in a non-profit or supra-national agency, or in a developing economy. Students apply through Career Services in the Desautels Faculty of Management. For more information, please click here.

The second award will be for a student, in good academic standing, who has demonstrated entrepreneurial talent and initiative and is involved in an entrepreneurial venture. Students apply through the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies. For more information, please click here.

Preference for both awards will be given to students entering U2 or U3. Estimated value for each award: $4,000


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