Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, you must complete faculty and program requirements in the program you were admitted to and registered in. It is your responsibility to meet all faculty and program requirements before graduation. For more information, please visit McGill's eCalendar as well as the Graduation and Convocation website

Step 1 - Verify myProgress (Degree Audit Tool)

myProgress is a web-based tool that allows students and advisors to track and monitor progress towards their undergraduate degree. Students admitted to the BCom program as of Fall 2019 will have access to myProgress. Students admitted prior to Fall 2019 have access to a similar tool on Minerva called Degree Evaluation. 

If you are completing a minor outside of management, you must complete the Minor Approval form. You must list the courses being applied to the minor and get it signed by the Minor Adviser in the relevant department, returning the signed form to the BCom Office. Failure to do so may result in the Minor not being granted.

If the information on myProgress is unclear or a section of your degree indicates that it is incomplete, or you would like us to verify your record, submit an bcom.mgmt [at] (subject: Degree%20Evaluation%20Review%20Request) (email request for a Degree Evaluation)

myProgress is not an official evaluation/confirmation of the completion of a program. Confirmation of graduation requirements is always subject to department and faculty approval. Your McGill transcript is your official University record in the event of a conflict of information.

Step 2 - Apply for Graduation on Minerva

  • You must be in U3 to apply. 
  • You must have completed a minimum of 120 credits.
  • Visit the Minerva website.
  • Log in using your McGill ID number and PIN.
  • Select the Student Menu.
  • Select the Student Records Menu.
  • Apply for Graduation for Your Primary Curriculum (1st degree);
  • Select your expected final semester of study.
  • If your Minerva record indicates that you are in your U3 year of study and you are blocked from selecting or changing your graduation term on Minerva, you must contact the BCom Office.
  • Double-check to see that the correct graduation term appears on the upper-right hand corner of your record by going to Student Menu > Student Records Menu > View Your Unofficial Transcript.
Final Semester I expect my courses to be completed by... Deadline to apply on Minerva Bachelor of Commerce "granted" will appear on your record at... Convocation Ceremony
Winter April  End of February End of May  May/June
Summer August  End of March End of October October/November
Fall  December End of November End of February  May/June


Step 3 - Update your Contact Information on Minerva

  • Go to Student Menu > Personal Menu > Addresses and Phones


Step 4 - Verify your CGPA and Overall Credits

Note: any unresolved grades of L (deferred exam), K or KE (an extension to submit work) will postpone your graduation.

  • The minimum CGPA required to graduate is 2.0.
  • Those pursuing an Honours or Joint Honours program must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and must fulfill the specific program GPA requirements for their programs, a B- must be achieved in all the courses which count towards this program.
  • Ensure that you have a minimum of 120 credits.
  • Verify all academic standings, designations such as Dean's Honour List, and scholarship entries are accurate. 


Step 5 - Verify your Transfer Credits

  • Advanced Standing or Transfer Credits that do not appear on your Minerva record cannot be used to complete program or graduation requirements.
  • For questions about outstanding Transfer Credits completed during your Degree, please contact the BCom office.
  • Your graduation will be postponed if you have unresolved Transfer Credit issues.


Step 6 - Makes sure you have no HOLDS on your Transcript

Examples of holds:

  • Document Deficient
  • Tuition Hold
  • Other: Library Fees, Permanent Code, etc.

Step 7 - Be aware of codes in the "Remarks" column of your transcript

  • 'I' flags (courses included in credits and GPA)
  • 'E' flags (courses excluded from credits and GPA)
  • 'A' flags (courses excluded from credits but included in GPA)

This can occur if you have:

  1. taken a course that is not approved for your degree.
  2. repeated a course that is considered equivalent to one you have already completed.
  3. two courses on your transcript that have the same course number.

Step 8 - Contact your academic advisor 

  • Ensure that you have declared the correct programs on Minerva to avoid having your record reviewed for the wrong program and avoid having fees charged by Enrolment Services for a late program change. If necessary, correct your program selection as soon as possible on Minerva. If you are blocked from making program changes on Minerva, contact the BCom office immediately.
  • If you are completing a minor outside of management, you must complete the Minor Approval form. You must list the courses being applied to the minor and get it signed by the Minor Adviser in the relevant department, returning the signed form to the BCom Office. Failure to do so may result in the Minor not being granted.
  • A course can only count towards one program of study.
  • All required and complementary courses used to fulfil program requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • Courses in which you have received a final grade of D can count for elective credit only. If you repeat a course you have previously completed with a final grade of D, you will not earn an additional three credits when repeating the course.


Step 9 - Graduation Status

  • We do not send an email confirming you have met your requirements to graduate. 
  • Any changes to the transcript must be made prior to the final approval of graduation.
  • You can view the status of your graduation by clicking on Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Graduation Approval Query according to the timeline indicated below:
    • Review Period Timeline
      • Winter semester - Early to end of May
      • Summer semester - End of September to end of October
      • Fall semester - End of January to mid-February
  • IMPORTANT: If you check your Minerva graduation record before the dates listed above, you may receive a message stating your record is not active!
  • Please check the Graduation Approval Query on Minerva regularly during the review period. The BCom office will first review your record and once graduation requirements have been met (and all your grades are posted), the graduation module on Minerva will indicate "Approved"

  • You will be contacted via your McGill account during the review period, only if problems arise. Please keep checking your McGill email regularly during this period to avoid a delay in the review of your graduation.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please visit us in the BCom office (Bronfman building Room 110).

Step 10 - Attend convocation and receive your diploma!

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