Summer Studies

Students wishing to make up deficiencies in their background, or to accelerate their progress to the degree, may do so by taking summer courses at McGill or some other institution.

Each summer, from early May to mid-August, many core courses and several elective courses are offered by the Faculty of Management for full credit. They are available to Management students, and to students from other faculties and universities who have the necessary course prerequisites. McGill also offers a number of summer courses in various disciplines at different levels. Information on summer courses is available from the BCom Student Affairs Office at 514-398-4068 or bcom.mgmt [at], or from the Summer Studies Office at 514-398-5212 or summer.studies [at]

Students normally will be allowed to take only 6 credits in each of the two parts of Summer session. Students who wish to follow a full-time period of study will be permitted to enrol for more than 6 credits per part only with special permission of the Director, BCom Program. In no circumstance will students be allowed to take more than 12 credits in either part of the Summer session, and may take no more than 18 credits in a single summer.

Should students wish to pursue courses at another institution, credit will be granted for such courses only if they fit into the student's overall program, and if written permission to do such courses for credit has been obtained in advance from the BCom Student Affairs Office. A course which overlaps with material already completed in the student's program, or a language course which does not substantially progress beyond corresponding language courses already taken, will not receive credit approval.

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