Organizational Behaviour

This program is under revision and will have an updated curriculum for Fall 2023. Students who have started the major or concentration prior to Fall 2023, can continue with the old curriculum.


No matter where your career takes you, a major in Organizational Behaviour will give you the tools and knowledge to lead creatively and work with others effectively. As an Organizational Behaviour student, you will gain insight into the complexities of human behaviour in organizations at the individual and group levels.

With courses in leadership, team management, negotiation, and more, you will develop a critical understanding of management along with practical skills to help you achieve your goals while working with others. These skills will be useful in group projects and professional relationships as well as in your future career. Gain a foundational disciplinary view of the field by specializing in one of the following social science disciplines: sociology, anthropology, or psychology.

The Organizational Behaviour Concentration will help you increase your awareness of behavioural issues across organizational settings, and prepare you for graduate study in the behavioural sciences or any career that involves working with people.


Careers & Mentors

Mentor: Tatiana Lamoureux Gauvin

The Organizational Behaviour Major prepares its graduates for any job that involves work with other humans. Want to be an entrepreneur? Courses in leadership, human resource management, and negotiations & conflict resolution will enable you to lead and grow your own organization. Want to work in an established organization? Combine those same courses with our Teams and Careers courses to help you craft your ideal future.

Career options include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant/Analyst
  • Manager/Leader
  • Human Resources Manager


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