Research Excellence

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Research Excellence

Cementing Desautels’ reputation as a world-leading management faculty through the rigour and relevance of our research.

Research drives innovation and enriches the society we live in. Not only do our world-class faculty members receive external recognition for their achievements, the Desautels Faculty of Management is fortunate to be able to offer support and encouragement through donor-established scholar awards, chairs, research centres and institutes as well as teaching awards and PhD fellowships.

Research and Teaching Awards

Nancy AdlerNancy J. Adler was conferred the McGill Medal of Exceptional Academic Achievement at the 2021 Spring Convocation for her prolific contributions to McGill and the study of global leadership for more than 40 years. Learn more

Patrick AugustinPatrick Augustin was awarded the Canada Research Chair in Macrofinance and Derivatives for his work on sovereign and corporate credit risk, insider trading, and new financial technologies.


Maxime CohenMaxime Cohen was awarded the Wickham Skinner Early-Career Research Accomplishments Award given by the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS).

Alain PinsonneaultAlain Pinsonneault received an honorary doctorate from Aix-Marseille University for his exceptional commitment to academic excellence. Alain Pinsonneault also received the Distinguished James McGill Professor Award, which recognizes a senior scholar’s status as an outstanding and original researcher of global calibre and an international leader in his field. Learn more


Robert NasonJuan SerpaRobert Nason (2021) and Juan Serpa (2020) each received the William Dawson Scholar Award, which recognizes scholars developing into outstanding and original researchers of world-class calibre.

Laurent BarrasJan EricssonLaurent Barras and Jan Ericsson received Desmarais Faculty Scholar Awards supported by Paul Desmarais (BCom’77, LLD’12) and given by the Desautels Faculty of Management to outstanding tenured or tenure-track finance professors. Learn more


Ernan Haruvy received the Cleghorn Faculty Scholar Award supported by John Cleghorn (BCom’62, LLD’04) and given by the Desautels Faculty of Management to outstanding tenured or tenure-track professors.

Sujata MadanSujata Madan was named one of ten 3M National Teaching Fellows for 2020—the highest recognition of individual teaching excellence and educational leadership at the university level in Canada. Learn more


Jiro KondoJiro Kondo received the Fetherstonhaugh Family Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award for undergraduate programs at Desautels for being a champion of experiential learning.

Lisa CohenLisa Cohen received the Morty Yalovsky Distinguished Teaching Award for graduate programs at Desautels for creating a classroom environment in which all students feel welcome and represented due to a diverse array of guest speakers, case protagonists, and examples.


Don MelvilleDon Melville received the BCom Core Teaching Award for his talent in linking course content with real world examples, making the learning experience more engaging.

Ashesh MukherjeeAshesh Mukherjee received the BCom Elective Teaching Award for often challenging his students to develop new insights and applications.


Kartik GanjuKartik Ganju received the Master of Management in Analytics Teaching Award for frequently giving students hands-on opportunities to apply the learnings.

Laurent BarrasLaurent Barras received the Master of Management in Finance Teaching Award for consistently showing how theoretical knowledge applies to real-world cases and current events.


John-Paul FergusonJohn-Paul Ferguson received the MBA Core Teaching Award for his masterful way of teaching students how to think critically and analytically.

Saku MantereSaku Mantere received the MBA Japan Teaching Award for integrating creative and diverse multimedia elements such as podcasts into his teaching.


Jingjing ZhangJingjing Zhang received the Henry Mintzberg PhD Teaching and Mentorship Award for her exceptional commitment to guiding her students in their research and career development.

Matissa HollisterMatissa Hollister received the Innovation in Teaching Award for her collaborative and analytical approach in helping students solve problems using cutting-edge tools.


Liette Lapointe  Saku Mantere  Robert Nason David Schumacher

Liette Lapointe, Saku Mantere, Robert Nason, and David Schumacher received the Desautels Faculty Scholar Award supported by Marcel Desautels (LLD’07, CM, O Ont, OM) and given by the Desautels Faculty of Management to outstanding tenured or tenure-track professors.

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Research Grant Successes

SSHRC Insight Grants

  • Warut Khern-am-nuai (Principal Investigator), Yossiri Adulyasak, Alain Pinsonneault (Co-applicant), Karthik N. Kannan, and Yinan Yu: “The Role of Social Technologies in Online Review Platforms.”
  • Sebastien Betermier (Principal Investigator) and Laurent E. Calvet: “A Supply and Demand Approach to Equity Pricing.”
  • David Schumacher (Principal Investigator) and Mancy Luo: “(Why) Are females more successful in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry?”
  • Laurent Barras (Principal Investigator) and David Schumacher (Collaborator): “How do Active Funds React to the Rise of Passive Management?”
  • Sergei Sarkissian (Principal Investigator): “Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Cross-Firm Performance and Corporate Policies.”
  • Lisa Cohen (Principal Investigator): “Task Mobility: The Movement of Work Tasks across Jobs and Organizations.”
  • John-Paul Ferguson (Principal Investigator), Victor Bennett, Adam J. Cobb, Rembrand Koning, Sampsa Samila, and Kaisa Snellman: “Racial Employment Segregation and the Boundary of the Firm.”
  • Alberto Cambrosio (Principal Investigator) and Samer Faraj (Co-applicant): “Knowledge Flows and Knowledge Production in Large-Scale Research Networks: Building data platforms to open science.”

SSHRC Insight Development Grants

  • Maxime Cohen (Principal Investigator): “Using Data Science and Behavioral Analytics to Alleviate Traffic Congestion.”
  • DaHee Han (Principal Investigator): “The Effect of Life Transitions on Consumer Preference.”
  • Ernan Haruvy (Principal Investigator): “Price Discrimination and Bargaining in B2B: Empirical Evidence From Tech Manufacturing.”
  • Warut Khern-am-nuai (Principal Investigator), Hyunji So (Co-applicant) and Nathan Yang (Collaborator): “The Economic Implications of AI Implementations on Online Platforms.”
  • Wei Qi (Principal Investigator), Michelle Lu (Co-applicant), and Minkyung Kim (Collaborator): “Tackling Inequality in Urban On-demand Bikeshare Services.”
  • Camille Grange (Principal Investigator) and Alain Pinsonneault (Co-applicant): “In algorithms we trust? Exploring the roles of disclosure and explanations on the societal acceptance of highly automated decision-making systems (ADMS).”

SSHRC Partnership Grant

  • Patricia Hewlin (Co-applicant) and colleagues: “Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network.”; Wendy Cukier (Principal Applicant - Ryerson University)

IVADO Fundamental Research Grants

  • Mehmet Gumus (Principal Investigator), Erick Delage, Arcan Nalca, and Angelos Georghiou: “Data-driven Demand Learning and Sharing Strategies for Two-Sided Online Marketplaces.”
  • Wei Qi (Principal Investigator), Xue (Steve) Liu, Max Shen, and Michelle Lu (Co-applicant): “Deals on Wheels: Advancing Joint ML/OR Methodologies for Enabling City-Wide, Personalized and Mobile Retail.”
  • Saibal Ray (Principal Investigator), Maxime Cohen (Co-applicant), James Clark, and Ajung Moon: “Retail Innovation Lab: Data Science for Socially Responsible Food Choices.”

Research Impact Stories


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