Profiles List

Geoff Barsky

Title: Head of the Canadian and International Mergers & Acquisitions group at BMO Capital Markets

Derek Brown

Title: Senior Vice President, Beutel Goodman

John E. Cleghorn

Title: Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Royal Bank of Canada; Honorary Lifetime Member of International Advisory Board

Jean-François Courville

Title: Chief Executive Officer at Wealthsimple for Advisors

Marcel Desautels

Title: President and CEO; Honorary Lifetime Member of International Advisory Board

David Fry

Title: CEO and Co-Founder, Paays Financial Technologies Inc.

Daniel R. Galvao

Title: Principal, RiskFin Consulting

Michael A Handelsman

Title: Principal & Founder, Paddock Consulting

Ali Hedayat

Title: Managing Partner, Maryana Capital

Darshan Jain

Title: Head, Technology & Operations, The Burnie Group

Chandra Kumar

Title: President, Confectionery - Nestlé Canada Inc.

David Levenson

Title: Managing Partner & CIO, Brookfield Asset Management

Donald W. Lewtas

Title: Managing Director, Onex Corporation

Nadia Marley

Title: Director -‎ Global Counterparty Credit, TD Securities

Eamonn McConnell

Title: Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Kensington Capital Partners

Neil Murdoch

Title: Former Chief Operating Officer, Aston Hill Financial

Alexander Norman

Title: Managing Director, TechToronto

Vito Piazza

Title: Group President, Sid Lee

Norman Raschkowan

Title: President and Portfolio Manager, TenSquared Investments Inc.

Claude Robillard

Title: Managing Director, Investor Relations, West Face Capital

Monica Ruffo

Title: Founder and CEO, Well Told Health

Andrew Sheiner

Title: Founder & Managing Partner, Atlas Partners LP

Alexander Singh

Title: Founder and Secretary, Acasta Enterprises Inc.

Brahm Spilfogel

Title: Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Canadian Equities at RBC Asset Management Inc

Timothy Thompson

Title: Senior Vice President of Transformation, TD Canada Trust