Monica Ruffo

Desautels Global Expert; Founder and CEO, Well Told Health
Monica Ruffo



Monica is a serial entrepreneur known for her ability to lead, grow and inspire exceptionally innovative purpose-driven companies.

Monica began her career in advertising during which time she was repeatedly on the “Top 30 under 30 in advertising” list and she co-founded and built Amuse, an agency that was acquired three
years later by Interpublic Group. During this time, her highly design-centric and strategic approach to brands won her hundreds of international awards including much several coveted Cannes Lions and a podium win for Agency of Year in 2012. Her agency also earned the 2014 distinction of ranking as one of the 25 smartest creative agencies in the world according to WARC.

And then, at the height of her career, her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Throughout her 15 months of cancer treatment, she put her passion for health and wellness to work on herself, researching every aspect of her lifestyle and treatment options. As a result, she fared extremely well and uncovered what she felt was a huge gap in the market. The more digging she did, the more she realized that most “natural” health products are not natural at all; they are riddled with synthetics, fillers and isolates, and most consumers have no idea what they are putting into their bodies or even why.

As she continued her quest, she successfully completed a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and decided to found Well Told Health, an apothecary that crafts highly efficacious, completely clean supplements from organic plants and nothing else. No synthetics, no fillers, no isolates, no gluten.

Monica’s unique entrepreneurial background, combined with her knowledge of natural health and nutrition and her experience working with global brands perfectly position her to be a unique leader for a highly disruptive company.

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