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Norman Raschkowan

Exec VP & Chief Investment Officer, Mackenzie Investments

Mr. Norman Raschkowan is the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President at Mackenzie Financial Corporation. He serves as Chief North American Investment Strategist at Mackenzie Financial Corporation. Mr. Raschkowan joined Mackenzie in 2007 and has ultimate responsibility for its investment function. He works closely with investment team leaders, business unit leaders, and Mackenzie’s fund governance board of directors in relation to the ongoing investment ... operations. Mr. Raschkowan joined SLI Inc. in 1980 as a Fixed Income Analyst. He also has research responsibilities for conglomerates, pipelines, and real estate equities. In 1984, Mr. Raschkowan joined the equity team as a Portfolio Manager and in 1990, a Senior Vice President. He serves as a Director at Standard Life Investments (USA) Limited. Previously, he served as the Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of US Equity Strategy Committee, Chairman of Asset Mix Strategy Committee, and Member of the Canadian Equity Strategy Committee at Standard Life Investments Inc. (SLI Inc.). Mr. Raschkowan holds an M.B.A. from McGill University with concentrations in Real Estate and International Business and a B. Com. degree.