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To thine own self be true?: Facades of conformity, values incongruence, and the magnifying impact of leader integrity

Authors: Burnett, M., Dumas, T., Hewlin, P.

Publication: Academy of Management

Published: 20 Nov 2015

Leading collaboration in online communities

Authors: Faraj, S., Kudaravalli, S., and Wasko, M.

Publication: MIS Quarterly

Published: 19 Nov 2015

The life and times of a senior scholar: an interview with Denise Rousseau

Author: Moore, K.

Publication: Journal of Management History

Published: 19 Nov 2015

Individually perceived IS slack resources and innovating with it

Authors: Rahrovani, Y. and Pinsonneault, A.  

Publication: System Sciences (HICSS), 2015 48th Hawaii International Conference

Published: 3 Nov 2015

Distinct threats, common remedies: How consumers cope with psychological threat

Authors: Han, D., Duhachek, A., and Rucker, D.D.  

Published: 30 Oct 2015

The Impact of Product Substitution and Retail Capacity on the Timing and Depth of Price Promotions: Theory and Evidence

Authors: Gumus, M., Kaminsky, P., and Mathur, S.

Publication: International Journal of Production Research

Published: 30 Oct 2015

Correcting for misspecification in parameter dynamics to improve forecast accuracy with adaptively estimated models

Authors: Kolsarici, C. and Vakratsas, D.

Publication: Management Science 

Published: 30 Oct 2015

Tipping Points: The Gender Segregating and Desegregating Effects of Network Recruitment

Authors: Fernandez, R. M. and Rubineau, B.

Publications: Organization Science

Published: 21 Oct 2015

Credit Default Swaps: Past, Present, and Future

Authors: Augustin, P., Subrahmanyam, M. G., Tang, D. Y., and Wang, S. Q.

Publications: Annual Review of Financial Economics

Published: 16 Oct 2015

A multi-period location model with transportation economies-of-scale and perishable inventory

Authors: Wu, T., Shen, H., and Zhu, C.

Publications: International Journal of Production Economics

Published: 16 Oct 2015

Using food as reinforcer to shape children's non-food behavior: The adverse nutritional effect doubly moderated by reward sensitivity and gender

Authors: Ji Lu, Suhong Xiong, Narendra Arora, Laurette Dubé

Publication: Eating Behaviours



Published: 1 Oct 2015

Effects of upstream and downstream mergers on supply chain profitability

Authors: Zhu, J., Boyaci, T. and Ray, S.

Publications: European Journal of Operational Research

Published: 29 Sep 2015

Professor Patrick Augusting wins Best Paper on Empirical Finance

Professor Patrick Augustin wins Best Paper on Empirical Finance at the 2015 Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting for his paper "Informed Options Trading prior to M&A Announcements: Insider Trading?" with co-authors Menachem Brenner and Marti G. Subrahmanyam.

Published: 25 Sep 2015

Informed Options Trading prior to M&A Announcements: Insider Trading?

Authors: Augustin, P., Brenner, M., and Subrahmanyam, M. G. 

Publications: Social Science Research Network

Published: 23 Sep 2015

Outsourcing in the International Mutual Fund Industry: An Equilibrium View

Authors: Chuprinin, O., Massa, M., and Schumacher, D.

Publications: Journal of Finance

Published: 15 Sep 2015