McGill Desautels’ event highlights Faculty’s most interesting and innovative research

On May 13, professors at the Desautels Faculty of Management gathered to share their most interesting and innovative research at the Faculty’s “Research I Am Most Excited About” event. Designed to showcase the impact and relevance of the work of Desautels scholars, Friday’s event challenged faculty to present their research question, methodology and results or predictions with just two slides, and in under two minutes. If you are at all familiar with academia, this is no small task!

Dean, and James McGill Professor, Yolande Chan, opened the event speaking to the value of research and its role as a key strategic priority for Desautels, which has long held its reputation as a leading management research Faculty.

“One of McGill’s key priorities is to cultivate an environment that encourages research creativity and excellence,” said Chan. “Today provides an opportunity to highlight the quality and relevance of our research. I am a strong believer that research is the foundation for great social and economic change. It changes the way we think and act, fostering innovation at individual, business, industry and national levels.”

Before getting into the presentations, Chan took the time to acknowledge this year’s Desautels Faculty Scholar awardees. Congratulations to:

Desautels Faculty Scholars:

Bensadoun School of Retail Management Scholars:

Brojde Faculty Scholar:

  • Prof. Anna Kim (Strategy & Organization)

Desmarais Faculty Scholar:

Fifteen professors in total presented their research at Friday’s event, showcasing the diverse range of expertise our world-class faculty have to offer. The presentations included:

  • “Impact of Ride-Hailing Services on Transportation Mode Choice: Evidence from Traffic and Transit Ridership,” by Prof. Animesh Animesh
  • “The Role of FinTech in Small Business Lending,” by Prof. Paul Beaumont
  • “Approaches to Understanding How Ideas Spread,” by Prof. Bruce P. Doré
  • “Segregation and the Boundary of the Firm,” by Prof. John-Paul Ferguson
  • “Platform Mediated Cluster Management,” by Prof. Mehmet Gumus
  • “Does Blockchain Deter Tax Avoidance?” by Prof. Preetika Joshi
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings in the Presence of a Former Rating Analysis: Evidence from LinkedIn,” by Prof. Dongyoung Lee
  • “The Four Things We Have Learned from Indigenous Leaders,” by Prof. Karl Moore
  • “Resource Scarcity and Willingness to Share Personal Information,” by Prof. Ashesh Mukherjee
  • “Are There Gender Differences in the Effects of Qualifications on Job Application Decisions?” by Prof. Brian Rubineau
  • “Side-by-Side Management in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs),” by Prof. David Schumacher
  • “Long-Term Oriented Equity Analysis,” by Prof. Hongping Tan
  • “Media Ideology and Tax Avoidance,” by Prof. Brian Wenzel
  • “Double Standards in the Boardroom,” by Prof. Jingjing Zhang
  • “Bridge the Digital Language Divide,” by Prof. Kai Zhu

“In witnessing the presentations that our professors have prepared for you today, it’s clear that research at Desautels is as diverse as it is impactful,” said Dean Chan. “I wish to acknowledge the efforts of our presenters today and their contributions not only in their fields, but also towards helping to further our reputation as a leading, research-intensive Faculty.”

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