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Karl Moore
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PhD, Strategy and Leadership, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada
MA, Oxford University, honoury degree
MBA, Managerial Decision Systems, University of Southern California, LA, USA
BSc, Business, Ambassador University, USA

Strategy & Organization
Teaching areas: 

CEO Leadership, Strategy, Introverts/Ambiverts/Extroverts As Leaders


Dr. Karl Moore joined McGill's Faculty of Management in autumn 2000, where he teaches graduate courses in strategy and leadership.  He has taught extensively in executive education and MBA programs with leading universities including: Oxford, Stanford, LBS,  Harvard Business School, Cambridge, IMD, Darden, Renmin (Bejing), Cornell, INSEAD, Duke, the Drucker School, the Rotterdam School of Management, IIM Bangalore, Queen's and McGill. He was recently nominated for the 2017 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards in the Leadership Category as a top thinker in the area for his work on introverts/extroverts in the C-Suite & Millennials. Seven other nominees included faculty from Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Penn and Dartmouth. 

He was on the faculty of Oxford University for 5 years from 1995-2000 where he taught executive education at Green Templeton College, and on the MBA and doctoral programs at the Saïd Business School.  An experienced senior corporate manager prior to joining academia, Dr. Moore worked 12 years in sales and marketing management positions in the high tech industry with  IBM, Bull and Hitachi. He is a cycle director for the Advanced Leadership Program, a program chaired by Henry Mintzberg. He also works with Henry as a module director on the International Masters for Health Leadership and the IMPM. In 2002 he won the Faculty teaching award at the MBA level. In 2014 he won the Professor of the Year award from the McGill alumni association and in 2017 the Principal's Prize for Public Engagement through the Media which is a lifetime award.  

Dr. Moore's publications include 28 refereed journal articles, 10 books or edited volumes, 14 chapters in books, 31 executive articles and dozens of conference papers. His research has received +4,200 Google Scholar citations. His research has been published in a number of leading journals including SMJ, JIBS, Human Relations, Management International Review, Business History, Marketing Management, World Business, Across the Board, Leader to Leader, Strategy + Business, European Business Forum, Chief Executive, The Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, Policy Options, Marketing Research and the Journal of Brand Management. He is on the editorial boards of Management International Review and the Journal of Management History. He was an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Perspectives from 2012 to 2016. Karl is a Past Division Chair of the Management History Division of the Academy of Management.  Karl was elected to an M.A. (Oxon) in 1995.

His current research is on Generation Z  and Introvert/Ambivert/Extrovert Leaders. His latest book  IGeneration Why : How Boomers Can Lead and Learn from Millennials and Gen Z  came out in May 2023 from the McGill/Queens Press.  His next book, his 11th,  We Are  All  Ambiverts Now should be out in 2024, it is planned to be published by the Stanford University Press.  On the history side of globalization and international business, he and co-author historian David Lewis have published articles in Business History and the Management International Review on international business in the ancient world. Their latest book, "Origins of Globalization" was published by Routledge in April 2009. It has received worldwide press attention.

From 2007-2016, Karl did a weekly video cast for The Globe and Mail, Canada's National Newspaper, where he interviewed CEOs one week and leading business professors from the top universities in the world. In March 2011 he started a weekly blog, Rethinking Leadership, for Forbes, it can be read at: http://blogs.forbes.com/karlmoore/. In spring 2014 he started a radio show, The CEO Series on  Bell Media stations across Canada where he interviews a CEO for an hour, he has done over 500 interviews including with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  Montreal Canadiens CEO Geoff Molson, Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare and Quiet Author Susan Cain. The show website is https://soundcloud.com/cjad800/sets/the-ceo-series  Many of the interviews are featured as weekly articles in Forbes.com  and French in Les Affaires.

He has been a consultant to leading global firms including Nokia, Air Canada, Lufthansa, British Airways, IBM, HP, Shell, Volvo, Accenture, Lilly, Pfizer and Regis McKenna. Articles on his research and op-ed pieces written by him have appeared in the Financial Times, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Independent, the Guardian, Les Echoes, the Australian Financial Review, Het Financielle Dagblad, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, La Presse, the Montreal Gazette, and other leading papers. He is a regular guest in the media and appears on CNN, BBC, CBC, CTV and Global Television, Karl has given over 3500 press interviews in his career. The winter 2006 issue of Business Strategy Review, published by the London Business School, identified Karl among a group of world’s greatest business thinkers. Others on the list of about 20 include Charles Handy, Phillip Kotler, Gary Hamel, Warren Bennis and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.


Quiet Leaders,  Ambivert Leaders, Generation Z, CEO Leadership


BUSA 691 Advanced Topics in Mgmt 2 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

 CEO Insights, MBA program, 23 CEOs come to class for an hour and half each, plus a consulting project for a CEO in groups of 6

BUSA 692 Advanced Topics in Mgmt 3 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

MGPO 470 Strategy and Organization 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

 The Hot Cities of the World Tour, with 30 grads and 12 alumni we spend 11 days abroad, 2016 Chile and Columbia, in previous years:  Israel, the UAE, India, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia/Seoul, Doha/Hong Kong/Jakarta/Bali, Malaysia, The Philippines and most recently Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong.  In 2022 we are looking at Ghana and London.

Areas of expertise: 

Strategy, CEO Leadership, Introverted/Ambiverted Leadership, Generation Z 

Research areas: 
Global Leadership
Graduate supervision: 

Four doctoral students Oxford

Sat or sit on the committees of four doctoral students at McGill

supervised over a two dozen MBA students for McGill MBA Japan

supervised numerous masters thesis at McGill

sat on two doctoral committees at McGill 



Taught previously at: 

Oxford University, Cambridge University and on executive/MBA programs at Stanford, Harvard, LBS, INSEAD, IMD, etc. 


Selected publications: 

Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Moore, Karl, "We are All Ambiverts Now.” Duke University Dialogue Magazine, March 2021

Colantuoni, Fran, Rajbhandari, Shaibyaa Toulub, Gila, Diome-Deer, Wahi and Moore, Karl, "A Fresh Look at Paternity Leave: Why the Benefits Extend Beyond the Personal," McKinsey Publication, March 2021.

Moore, Karl, "Can Introverts Thrive in “Extroverted” Careers?", Harvard Business Review, January 2021

Moore, Karl and Kat Garcia and Marie Labrosse, "How Can Introverts and Extroverts Work in Isolation", Wharton Leadership Digest, April-May 2020

Moore, Karl, "Five Types of Introvert Breaks," Wharton Leadership Digest, Summer Issue 2019

Reid, Susan, Deborah Roberts and Karl Moore, “The Impact of Technology Vision on Early Success: The Case for Radically New, High-Tech Products”,  Journal of Product Innovation ManagementVol. 32, Issue 4, 2015 pages 593-609. Moore, Karl, "The life and times of a senior scholar: an interview with Lotte Bailyn,"  The Journal of Management History, Volume 21, Issue 3, 2015, pages 388-393.

Moore, Karl, "The life and times of a senior scholar: an interview with Denise Rousseau," The Journal of Management History, September 2015

Moore, Karl, "The life and times of a senior scholar: an interview with Lyman Porter," The Journal of Management History, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2015, pages 8-14.

Reid, S. E., Roberts, D. and Moore, K., "Technology Vision for Radical Innovation and Its Impact on Early Success", Journal of Product Innovation Management, November 2014.

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Moore, Karl, “A Senior Scholar Interview with Kathryn Harrigan,” The Journal of Management History, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2014, pages 333-338.

Moore, Karl,A Senior Scholar Interview with Michigan’s Jane Dutton,” The  Journal of Management History, Volume 20, Issue 2, 2014, pages 140-144.

Moore, Karl, “A Senior Scholar Interview with Harvard’s Joseph Bower,” The Journal of Management History, Volume 17, Issue 3, 2011, pages 249-253.

Gopaul, Ishana and Karl Moore, “Managing the Postmodern Generation: New Perspectives by Exploring the Parallelism between Postmodern Management and Music,” The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management., Volume 10, 2010, December 2010.

Moore, Karl “Globalization and the Cold War,” Management & Organizational History, Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 2010, pages 5-17.

Moore, Karl and Susan Reid, “The Birth of Brand,” Business History, Vol. 50, Number 4, 2008, pages 419-432.

Borsuk, Daniel, Karl Moore, Grace Tan and Teanoosh Hosseinzadeh, "Replantation surgery in Quebec: The bottlenecks to rapid care,” Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, Volume 14, Number 3, Autumn 2006, pages 155-163.

Moore, Karl, Salem Razack, Hema Patel, Linda Snell and Laurel Taylor, “Management and Leadership Development Programs for the Medical Community at McGill University,” McGill Journal of Medicine, Volume 9, Number 1, 2006, pages 74-77.

Razack, Salem, Hema Patel, Linda Snell, Laurel Taylor and Karl Moore ,“The MD-Lead Study of Manager Role Training For Senior Residents: Evidence of Effectiveness From A Single-blind, Randomized, Controlled Trail,” Clinical and Investigative Medicine, abstract.

Gagnon, Sylvie, Monique Caron-Bouchard, Lise Renaud, Marie-Claude Lagacé, Laurette Dubé, Danielle Maisonneuve, Lyne Mongeau, Karl Moore, and Louise Getty, “Contribution des contenus télévisuels dans la formation de normes associées à la pratique d'activités physiques à l'adolescence. Quels messages pour quels jeunes?” Canadian Journal of Public Health, Winter, pages 58-65.

Moore, Karl, “The First Era of Globalization: “Know World” Globalization in the Time of the Roman Empire,” AIB Insights, Spring 2005.

Worren, Nicolay, Karl Moore and Pablo Cardona, “Modularity, Strategic Flexibility and Firm Performance: A Study of the Home Appliances Industry,” Strategic Management Journal, 23: 1123-1140. (Impact factor 3.92, ranked second among management journals)

Worren, Nicolay, Karl Moore and Richard Elliot, “When Theories become Tools: Toward a Framework for Pragmatic Validity,” Human Relations, 55 (10): 1227-1250. (Impact factor 1.04)

Moore, Karl, “A Strategy for Subsidiaries: Centres of Excellence to Build Subsidiary Specific Advantages,” Management International Review, Third Quarter, 275-290. (MIR is not ranked by JCR, but is on the Financial Times list of 40 most influential management journals)

Worren, Nicolay, Keith Ruddle and Karl Moore, “A Response to Criticism of From Organizational Development to Change Management: The Emergence Of A New Profession,” Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, 36, 3, September: 376-379.

Books and Edited Volumes

2023 Moore, Karl We Are All Ambiverts Now, Stanford University Press, forthcoming. 

2022 Moore, Karl Ok Boomers:  Working with Millennials and Generation Z, published by McGill Queens University Press.

2016: Witzel, Morgen and Karl Moore. Historical and Multicultural Perspectives on Leadership. To be published by Wiley/Blackwell.

2009: Moore, Karl and Niketh Pareek. Marketing. London: Routledge. Second edition with new chapters on web marketing, podcasts and videocasts.

2009: Moore, Karl and David Lewis. Origins of Globalization. London & New York: Routledge.

2009: Moore, Karl and Louis Hebert. Strategy and Globalization: The Underlying Principles. A Four Volume Series. London: Sage, January, 2009.

2006: Moore, Karl and Niketh Pareek. Marketing. London: Routledge, 269 pages, published May, 2006. According to The Business Executive, a monthly business newspaper published for the Southern Ontario and Metro Toronto region, Karl and Niketh Pareek’s Book, Marketing was the 8th in a list of 10 business best sellers in October 2007.

2001: Moore, Karl and David Lewis, 2001. Foundations of Corporate Empire. London: Financial Times/Prentice Hall Publishing. 319 pp. Reviewed in the Report of Business Magazine, The National Post, The Australian Financial Review, Montreal Gazette, etc..

1999: Moore, Karl and David Lewis, 1999. Birth of the Multinational: 2000 Years of Ancient Business History – from Ashur to Augustus. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press. 341 pp. With a foreword by Professor John Dunning. Reviewed in JIBS (impact factor 1.460), the Journal of Economic Literature (impact factor 4.312, number one journal in economics), The Economic Journal (impact factor 1.134), Transnational Corporations, International Business Review, Management Learning, the Asia Pacific Journal of Systems Management and the Times Literary Supplement.

1998: Coveney, Patrick and Karl Moore, 1998. Business Angels: Securing Start up Finance. London: John Wiley and Sons.

Chapters in Books

2022: Moore, Karl and Laruen Kirigin, "Generation Z and the COVID Crisis", Leadership in Crisis, Routledge, editor Morgan Witzel.

2017 Moore, Karl "Management in Antiquity, Oxford Bibliographies in Management, Oxford University Press, revised entry.  

2012: Moore, Karl, “Management in Antiquity”, Oxford Bibliographies in Management, Oxford University Press.

2012: Moore, Karl, “Strategies for Change” In Eric Kessler, the Encyclopedia of Management Theory, Sage.

2012: Moore, Karl, and Alexandra Klein “John Kotter.” In Morgen Witzel, the Oxford Handbook of Management Theorists, Oxford University Press.

2010: Moore, Karl, “Elements in Fighting Obesity.” In L. Dubé, A. Bechara, A. Dagher, A. Drewnowski, J. LeBel, P. James, & R. Y. Yada (eds) (2010) Obesity Prevention: The Role of Brain and Society on Individual Behavior. New York, NY: Elsevier, Inc.

2010: Chen, Xioye, Moore, Karl and Lisa Renaud, “Partnerships in Fighting Obesity.” In L. Dubé, A. Bechara, A. Dagher, A. Drewnowski, J. LeBel, P. James, & R. Y. Yada (eds) (2010) Obesity Prevention: The Role of Brain and Society on Individual Behavior. New York, NY: Elsevier, Inc, pp. 661-671.

2008: Moore, Karl, “The Transcultural Manager.” In Karl Moore and Louis Hebert (editors), Contemporary Issues in Business and Globalization. London: Sage, forthcoming November 2008.

2008: Moore, Karl and Julian Birkinshaw, “Centres of Excellence in Global Service Firms.” In Karl Moore and Louis Hebert (editors), Contemporary Issues in Business and Globalization. London: Sage, forthcoming November 2008.

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2008: Chen, Xioye, Karl Moore, Lise Renaud and Laurette Dube, “From Corporate Social Responsibility of Social Alliances: A Case of Childhood Obesity Prevention.” In Lise Renaud (editor), Les Medias et le Faconnement des Normes En Matiere de Sante. Montreal : Presses de L’Universite du Quebec.

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1999: Moore, Karl, "Centres of Excellence and Competence Development of the MNC: The Emergence of Subsidiary Specific Advantages.” In Ulf Holm and Torben Pedersen (eds.) Centres of Excellence in MNCs, London: MacMillan.

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1997: Worren, Nicolay, Karl Moore and Peter Collett, “When Theories Become Tools: The Pragmatic Validity of Conceptual Models.” In Centre for Research into Industry, Enterprise, and the Firm. St.
Andrews: University of St. Andrews.

1997: Worren, Nicolay, Keith Ruddle and Karl Moore, “From Organizational Development to Change Management: The Emergence of a New Global Profession.” In Centre for Research into Industry, Enterprise, and the Firm. St. Andrews: University of St. Andrews.

1997: Moore, Karl and Roger Heeler, “A Competency Based View of the Subsidiary.” In Peter Buckley and J.L. Mucchielli (eds.) Globalization and Regionalization in International Trade.



Awards, honours, and fellowships: 


2022 Dean’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Media and Public Engagement (inaugural)

2021 Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) One Expert, Unlimited Audiences: A Global, Branded Webinar Series: A budget-friendly webinar series hosted by Professor Karl Moore topped the Alumni Engagement on a Shoestring category

2017 Principal's Prize for Public Engagement through the Media, Outstanding Achievement. 

2012: Faculty Award for Excellence in Alumni Activities, McGill Alumni Association.

2012: Gold Medal in “Best Use of Social Media” category for Hot Cities India, 2012 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) Prix d'Excellence.

2002: McGill Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award, McGill University.

2001: One of the Best Books This Year, Across the Board.

1999: Book of the Year, CBS Press.

1998: Runner-up for Best Paper, Academy of Management Executive.

1998: Runner-up for Best Paper, EGOS Conference.

1997: Best Paper, ICAM Conference.

1995: Honourary masters degree, Oxford University.


2006: Senior Fellow, Canada School of Public Service.

1990-1992: Research Fellowship, York University



Over three thousand press interviews.

I also have written over 500 columns for the Globe and Mail, Sinc 2020 a biweekly column, Indigenous Leaders for the Globe and Mail with an Indigenous Graduate student.  For nine years, I did a weekly column video interview for the Globe where I interviewed CEOs and the world's top business professors. Did a CEO interview column for the National Post for plus 2.5 years. 


And about my work on Introverts in the C-Suite at  the Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper:

My research on Introverted Leaders discussed in The Economist in the Schumpeter Column  Read it at http://econ.st/2cuabZd  and at the Wharton Leadership Digest 



A Financial Times interview about my research shadowing women leaders may be seen at:


Karl does a radio show on the Bell Media network across Canada where he interviews CEOs, one-on-one for an hour, to listen please go to  our website: https://soundcloud.com/cjad800/sets/the-ceo-series


Susan Black, CEO Conference Board of Canada

Asheesh Advani, CEO Junior Achievement Worldwide

Adrian Wooldridge, Political Editor, The Economist

Peter Simons, CEO Maison Simons

Kat Tchernaskikh, Co-Founder Shott

Ola Kallenius, Global CEO Mercedes Benz

Tabatha Bull, CEO of the Aboriginal Business Council of Canada 


Mirko Bibic, CEO Bell 

Fabienne Colas Founder Montreal, Toronto, New York City International Black Flim Festival 

Shundrawn Thomas CEO Northern Trust Asse Management

Zoe Yujnovich EVP Conventional Oil and Gas Shell

Alexandre Taillefer & J.F. Ouellet, Co-authors, Underneath The Failure of Teo Taxi

Major General Jennie Carignan, Commander, NATO Mission to Iraq


Paul Martin, Former Prime Minister

Alain Bouchard, Founder of Couch Tarde

Dr. Joanne Liu, CEO of Doctors Without Borders

Patrick Pichette, former CFO Google
Alan Shepard, President Concordia University
Tony Tyler, CEO IATA
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Daniel Saks, Co-Founder of Unicorn, Direct App
Ken Dryden, Former Cabinet Minister
John Wood, Founder Room to Read
Isabelle Hudon and Martine Turcotte, Bell Media and Sun Life
Sugar Sammy
Michael Medline, CEO of Canadian Tire
Susan Cain,  Author of NYT bestseller Quiet
Sue Paish, CEO of LIfeLabs
Katherine Barr, Partner at VC Mohr Davidow, Silicon Valley
JN Guillemette, GM Uber Quebec



Alain Bellemare, COE Bombardier

Justin Trudeau,23rd Prime Minister of Canada

Carlos Letiao, Minister of Finance, Quebec

Geoff Molson, CEO of the Montreal Canadiens

Peter Simmons, CEO Simmons

Lieutent  General Christine Whitecross

Henry Mintzberg, Management Guru

Gregg  Saretsky, CEO WestJet

 Heather Munroe-Blum, former Principal, McGill University

Lino Saputo, Saputo Cheese




Mitch Joel, CEO Mirum

Mitch Garber, Chairman of the Board, Cirque du Soleil

Thierry Vandal, CEO Quebec Hydro

Pierre Boivin, CEO Claridge

Brian Featherstonehaugh, CEO Oglivy One

Melanie Joy, Minister of Heritage

Phillip Crawley, Publisher Globe and Mail

Hubert Lacroix CEO CBC

John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

David Segal, Co-Founder, David’s Tea

Rupert Duchense, CEO Aimia

Kathleen Weil, Minister of Justice, Quebec

Allan MacDonald, COO, Canadian Tire

Andy Nulman, Just for Laughs

Zoe Yujnovich, CEO IOC

Stephen Bronfman, Chairman, Claridge

Yona Shtern, CEO, Beyond the Rack




Book images: 

Karl has given lectures at many of the world's leading universities including:  Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, LBS, Imperial College, RSM, the Technical University of Helsinki, Stockholm School of Economics, Renmin University, IMBangalore, the University of Hawaii, Keio University, University of Bangkok, University of Johannesburg, Dartmouth, Duke, Cornell, USC, Queens, SFU, UBC, Western University, Queens, York, University of Toronto, Laval, Bishop's,  and HEC.

Current research: 

CEO Leadership,  Introvert/Ambivert/Extorvert Leaders in the C-Suite

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