Five Types of Extrovert Breaks


Published: 10Oct2019
Karl Moore

Author: Karl Moore

Publication: Wharton Leadership Digest, Summer Issue 2019


Based on over +300 interviews of C Suite Executives, Professor Moore outlines 5 types of extrovert breaks, adding the concept to the literature. Extrovert breaks are presented as a contrast to introvert breaks a more widely studied concept. In the way that introverts need breaks to recharge their batteries, in their case typically from being in a more stimulating environment, particularly with other people, extroverts are found to need to recharge their batteries as well. However, they did very differently than introverts. Whereas introvert breaks are typically being by themselves, extroverts are recharged by being stimulated, particularly by being with other people and gaining energy from being with them. Currently Professor Moore is studying ambivert breaks.