A combination of introverted and extroverted traits helps leaders strike the right balance

Extroverted people often take naturally to leadership roles – but they don’t always do enough listening. Introverted leaders may listen more, but sometimes lack the ability to inspire. A combination of the two personality types could yield the best results, according to Associate Professor Karl Moore.

Published: 30 Apr 2024

The Hot Cities World Tour explores Egypt and Morocco

Since its inception in 2009, McGill's annual Hot Cities of the World Tour has taken undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and professors to the frontier of our increasingly globalized world. This year, the 13th iteration of the tour visited Egypt and Morocco – two of the largest and most important economies in Africa, and critical gateways to Europe and the Middle East.

Published: 12 Apr 2024

Air Canada and WestJet both increase checked bag fees

In February, WestJet announced it was increasing fees for checked bags. Shortly after, Air Canada followed suit. Both airlines now charge between $35 and $42 for the first checked bag on economy fares. Though now common throughout the industry, it was only in 2014 that Canada’s major airlines introduced checked bag fees. “It’s a business,” says Prof. Karl Moore. “You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t do it.

Published: 8 Mar 2024

Airfares are going down, but additional fees can offset any savings

Airfares are getting cheaper in Canada, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pay less when you fly. In late 2023, WestJet introduced a $10 surcharge for checking bags with agents instead of online. Then, in February 2024, it increased checked bag fees for economy passengers on domestic flights. Low fares help attract customers, but the added fees can drive up the final bill substantially.

Published: 8 Mar 2024

Failure of Lynx Air illustrates challenges of Canadian market

In February 2024, the low-cost carrier Lynx Air announced it was filing for creditor protection and would cease operations, with just a few days’ notice to its ticket holders. The airline had significant overlap with Air Canada’s routes and never managed to gain a foothold in the market. “It’s a difficult environment for airlines to make money in Canada,” says Prof.

Published: 8 Mar 2024

Better listening can be a strength for introverted leaders

There is a long-held bias against introverted people in leadership roles, but introverted leaders can excel, especially when they’re leading a proactive team. One of the major strengths of introverts is their ability – and willingness – to listen. Introverted leaders often choose to wait before expressing their ideas, avoiding the need to dominate every conversation, as highlighted by Prof. Karl Moore in

Published: 6 Feb 2024

In less hierarchical workplaces, mentoring is a two-way street

As an ever greater number of people stay in the workforce later into their lives, there are more generations working together than ever before. Older generations should be sure they listen to their younger colleagues, according to Associate Professor Karl Moore. “The workplace is less hierarchical than it used to be, and their truth is almost as good as my truth,” he says in an interview on BNN Bloomberg.

Published: 25 Jan 2024

Artistic approaches to creativity can be model for business leaders

On stage, singer, producer, and DJ Luka Hollinger reinvents himself as the persona Rondo Banks. The Montreal-based musician sees the shift as a way to express himself in a genuine way. Hollinger views creativity as a choice, and believes that conscious decisions to be more creative can lead to a transformative overflow into all aspects of life.

Published: 25 Jan 2024

When it comes to long-term thinking, family-controlled businesses have an advantage

Family-controlled businesses demonstrate exceptional long-term performance. Since 2005, such businesses have significantly outperformed the S&P/TSX Composite. Family-controlled businesses earned an annualized return of 8.3%, compared to 7% for their publicly-traded counterparts, according to the National Bank of Canada’s Family Advantage 2023-24 Report.

Published: 14 Dec 2023

Lightspeed CEO JP Chauvet credits globetrotting childhood with fostering intercultural sensitivity

After a childhood spent in France, Ireland, Nigeria and Singapore, JP Chauvet’s career has spanned yet more countries and continents. He was lured from London to Montreal to work for Lightspeed, where he is Chief Executive Officer. Growing up, Chauvet never felt fully accepted in any one place, but his ability to understand different cultural perspectives has been an asset in his career.

Published: 8 Dec 2023

Cutting back on service can damage an airline’s reputation

As Pakistan International Airlines grapples with financial challenges, the carrier has made service cutbacks, reducing the number of domestic flights it operates, and unilaterally rebooking some passengers. “It's not easy for any airline to decide to cut back services,” says Associate Professor Karl Moore, as it can result in long-term damage to an airline’s reputation. "Within Pakistan, they are the dominant player.

Published: 20 Oct 2023

Airbus Canada welcomes McGill students to Mirabel

Last month, over 70 McGill students from different academic disciplines took part in a tour of Airbus Canada’s headquarters in Mirabel, Airbus’ most important headquarters outside of Europe. Students had the unique opportunity to hear from Airbus Canada CEO Benoît Schultz and nearly 20 other company officials, including McGill alumni.

Published: 13 Oct 2023

SNC-Lavalin’s announces long-overdue rebrand as AtkinsRéalis

After a decade marred by bribery and corruption scandals, the Montreal-headquartered engineering firm SNC-Lavalin Group is changing its name to AtkinsRéalis. This rebrand demonstrates the company’s desire to move beyond its past transgressions, even if it wasn’t explicitly framed that way, according Prof. Karl Moore.

Published: 21 Sep 2023

Mentorship is a two-way street

Work from home changes leadership. How do you acculturate people if you’re not all in the same place? Mentorship is important in an evolving workplace, said Prof. Karl Moore on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. But it’s a two-way street. “I have some mentors that are older than me, and it doesn’t occur to them to ask my advice,” says Moore.

Published: 31 Aug 2023

‘Skiplagging’ can save you money while you travel, but airlines don’t approve

Airfares don’t always make a lot of sense. For example, a flight from Montreal to Calgary can cost more than a flight from Montreal to Vancouver that has a stop in Calgary. More and more air travelers have been buying a multi-leg ticket, and disembarking at one of the stops along the way. It’s called skiplagging. “This has been around for a long time, but it is becoming more common, especially among Gen Zs,” says Prof.

Published: 14 Aug 2023


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