This page contains links to forms related to your course, program and student records at McGill.

Program Audit (PA)

As a student enrolled in a Bachelor of Music or Licentiate in Music program, you are given a program audit (PA) at time of admission. The PA is a shared Excel document on McGill’s One Drive that keeps track of your program progress. The Schulich School of Music defers to the PA, instead of Minerva’s myProgress, when evaluating how close you are to graduation.

Log-in instructions to your PA can be found here.

Course Permit / Override Form

If you receive one of these common registration error messages (such as program, major, prerequisite, capacity, instructor/departmental approval) when trying to add a music course on Minerva, submit a Course Permit/Override Form to seek permission to register.

For courses offered outside the Schulich School of Music, contact the department which offers the course to seek permission to register.

Practical Instruction Application

As a student in the Bachelor of Music or Licentiate in Music program, you must submit a practical instruction request every year if you would like to take private lessons (MUIN courses). The application form must be submitted before the end of May preceding the academic year you plan to take practical instruction.

Click here to submit a practical instruction request.

Practical Exam Application

You cannot add practical exams (MUIN concentration or performance exams) yourself on Minerva. To apply for a practical exam, submit an exam application form from your program’s web page on the Schulich School of Music’s website. To access the form, go to your given program’s web page, scroll down to the Program structure heading and select “Exams”.

Bachelor of Music

Licentiate in Music

Special Projects

As a student in a Bachelor of Music program, you may propose a personal project with a specialized topic correlated to your professional development as a music student. The project must be supervised by a professor at the Schulich School of Music. Submit one of the application forms below to request credit(s) for the special project.

*Note: To obtain a fillable application form, please email [at] (subject: Special%20Project%20Proposal%20fillable%20form%20request) .

Special Project Proposal in Music Performance

Special Project Proposal in Music Research

Special Project Proposal for Professional Development

Final Exam Deferrals

If you cannot attend or miss a final exam during the official final exam period for health reasons or other extenuating circumstances, submit an exam deferral request on Minerva. Except for practical exams (MUIN 252, 282, 283, 352, 382, 452 and 482), this form is applicable to final exam deferral requests for courses offered by the Schulich School of Music and other faculties.

Travelling does not constitute a valid reason for exam deferral.

See Deferred Exams for more info.

Late Course Withdrawal

To seek permission to withdraw from a course after the course-withdrawal-without-refund deadline, submit a Late Course Withdrawal Request.

See Important Dates for course withdrawal deadlines.

Program Transfer

If you are planning on changing majors within the Schulich School of Music, you may submit an intra-faculty transferrequest on Minerva.

Proof of Enrollment

If you need an official letter attesting your full-time status at McGill, you may request a proof of enrollment letter on Minerva.

See Enrollment Letters for details.

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