Bachelor of Arts in Music (Arts Faculty)

The B.A. Major Concentration program, offered through the Faculty of Arts, is for students seeking a broadly based undergraduate liberal arts education through a wide range of complementary and elective courses. The program’s central purpose emphasizes music within broader intellectual and cultural contexts, considering music in relation to the other humanistic disciplines.

The degree offers excellent preparation for graduate work in music (Musicology, Music Theory, Music Librarianship, Music Journalism, Arts Administration) or for professional studies in other fields.

All students are required to take placement exams in theory and musicianship in late August before they can begin these courses in the music minor or major.  You can obtain the placement exam details and sample exams on this webpage.

Students interested in applying to the B.A. Major or Minor Concentration in Music can find out more through McGill's eCalendar webpages:

B.A. Major Concentration Music

B.A. Minor Concentration Music

Already a McGill student in B.A. Major or Minor Concentration in Music?  dino.dutz [at] (Contact Ms. Dino Dutz) for advising needs.

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