Bachelor of Arts in Music (Arts Faculty)

Important Notice:

B.A. Minor Concentration Music and B.A. Major Concentration Music will no longer accept new students in these program streams as of Fall 2024 semester. Students who have a Minor Music Concentration or a Major Concentration Music in their records until Fall 2023 will still be able to complete program.


The B.A. Major Concentration program, offered through the Faculty of Arts, is for students seeking a broadly based undergraduate liberal arts education through a wide range of complementary and elective courses. The program’s central purpose emphasizes music within broader intellectual and cultural contexts, considering music in relation to the other humanistic disciplines.

Students interested in applying to the B.A. Minor or Major Concentration in Music can find out more through McGill's eCalendar webpages:

B.A. Minor Concentration Music

B.A. Major Concentration Music

The program offers excellent preparation for graduate work in music (Musicology, Music Theory, Music Librarianship, Music Journalism, Arts Administration, Music Therapy) or for professional studies in other fields.

Who is eligible to apply for the Music Minor or Major

Music Minor: This program is open to students pursuing a bachelor degree in most faculties except B.Mus. students. It is important to consult with your home faculty advisor to see how the courses in the music minor apply to the degree requirement. Some faculties may not accept certain music courses, such as those with MUEN prefixes, for credit towards the degree program.

Music Major: This program is open to students pursuing a B.A. or a B.Sc. Liberal program.

How to apply

There is no application process for the B.A. Music Minor or Major with the Schulich School of Music. Consult with your home faculty to learn how you may add a Music Minor or Major as a secondary program to your degree.


All students are required to take placement exams in music theory and musicianship in the summer semester of the preceding academic year before they register for courses in the Music Minor or Major. Placement exam dates, sign-up procedures and examination details can be found on this webpage.

As a student from a faculty other than Music, you will need permission from our office to register for most prerequisite or required courses in a music program. Please email the B.A. Music Program Advisor at dino.dutz [at] during the registration period with a list of prerequisite or required courses you wish to take for the Music Minor or Major program so we can issue you a registration override if applicable.

Program Audit (PA)

The Schulich School of Music uses a Program Audit (PA) to keep track of your progress in the Music Minor or Major. A PA will be created for you once you have been admitted to either program. Sign-in instructions for the PA are found here.


Need to consult with an advisor about the Music Minor or Major program?  dino.dutz [at] (Contact Dino Dutz).

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