Bachelor of Arts in Music ( Faculty of Arts)

The B.A. Major Concentration program, offered through the Faculty of Arts, is for students seeking a broadly based undergraduate liberal arts education through a wide range of complementary and elective courses. The program’s central purpose emphasizes music within broader intellectual and cultural contexts, considering music in relation to the other humanities disciplines.

The program offers excellent preparation for graduate work in music (Musicology, Music Theory, Music Librarianship, Music Journalism, Arts Administration, Music Therapy) or for professional studies in other fields.

Details for the B.A. Minor or Major Concentration in Music are described below:

B.A. Minor Concentration Music

B.A. Major Concentration Music

Note: Starting Fall 2024, students interested in the B.A. Minor Concentration Music or the B.A. Major Concentration Music must apply to seek admission to the program. See admission criteria below for details.

Students who are already in the B.A. Minor Concentration Music or the B.A. Major Concentration Music may contact [at] (Music Student Affairs) if they have questions about these programs.

Admission Criteria

The B.A. Minor Concentration Music and the B.A. Major Concentration Music are only open to B.A. students who have already completed one or more prerequisites and/or required courses for these programs.

B.A. students who have not taken any courses towards either B.A. music program are not eligible to apply. They are encouraged to consider other minor programs offered by the Schulich School of Music if they are interested in pursuing music studies.

Admission to either program is for Fall 2024 only. Students will no longer be able to begin these two B.A. music programs starting Fall 2025.


Interested students must submit a B.A. Music program application before May 31, 2024.

Admission to the program is subject to approval from OASIS, Faculty of Arts. Successful applicants must have the music program added to the B.A. degree on their student records before they can register for the prerequisites or required courses.

Application results are communicated the first week of June.

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