Administration & Staff Contacts

General Enquiries

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
General enquiries
Danuta Pietrzak
A715 [at] 514-398-4535
Need help finding us including mailing / shipping and courier addresses?

Building Director's Office

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Building Director, Building Director's Office Peter Wightman E222 [at] 514-398-8333
Customer Service Coordinator Jose Vasquez Garcia E223 514-398-8333
General information
Danuta Pietrzak
A715 [at] 514-398-4535

Porter (Strathcona Music Building)

Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Porter TBA C206A 514-398-8216

Student Services

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs Andrea Creech A722
andrea.creech [at]
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Lisa Barg A725 [at] 514-398-0542
Manager of Student Services Nancy Czemmel A718 nancy.czemmel2 [at] 514-398-5578
Student Wellness Hub
Local Wellness Advisor (Rossy Student Wellness Hub) Jennifer Mosher A618   Appointment Bookings
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
EDI Coordinator TBA      
Admissions and Recruitment
Admissions Officer Patrick O'Neill A717 patrick.oneill [at] 514-396-1311
Student Recruitment Supervisor Melanie Collins A719 [at] 514-398-4991
Undergraduate Service Representative TBA A727C [at] 514-398-4546
Graduate Service Representative Amanda Kitik A727D [at] 514-396-1634
Undergraduate Programs
Student Affairs Officer and Program Advisor Adelina Lameiras A720 adelina.lameiras [at] 514-398-8156
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator Anna Drblik A726F anna.drblik [at] 514-398-4541
Administrative Coordinator, Associate Dean
(Academic and Student Affairs )
Dino Dutz A730B dino.dutz [at] 514-398-4400 ext. 00811
Questions related to Undergraduate Music Programs [at] 514-398-4541
Questions related to Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards [at] 514-398-4541
Graduate Programs
Senior Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator Hélène Drouin A726A [at]
Student Affairs Coordinator Michel Cayer A726B 514-398-6601

Student Societies

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Website Phone Number
President, M.U.S.A Chenuka Lakwijaya E106 president.musa [at] 514-398-4400 ext 4551
President, M.G.S.S. Rachel Hottle E223A mgss.pgss [at] (Facebook) 514-398-4400 ext 2343
President, MEdusa Andrew Ma E106 president.medusa.mcgill [at]  

Office of the Dean and Associate Deans

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Dean Sean Ferguson A731 [at] 514-398-8872/4538
Assistant to the Dean Genevieve St-Arnault A730H [at] 514-398-8872
Associate Dean, Research and Administration Julie Cumming A628 julie.cumming [at] 514-398-4400 ext. 0552
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs Andrea Creech A722 andrea.creech [at] 514-398-1882
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Lisa Barg A725 [at] 514-398-4400 ext. 4469
Manager of Administration Tracy Roach A709 tracy.roach [at] 514-398-4538
Human Resources Administrator Safia Nour A711 [at]  
Human Resources Coordinator Lea Saint-Arnaud-Boffa A730F [at]  

Departments: Music Research and Performance

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Chair, Department of Music Research Gary Scavone A723 chair.musicresearch [at] 514-398-4540
Chair, Department of Performance Stéphane Lemelin A724 chair.musicperformance [at] 514-398-4542
Departmental enquiries / Administrative Coordinator Ania Loboda A726C [at] [at]
Administrative Officer Isabel Zamora A721 isabel.zamora [at] 514-398-2507
Administrative Assistant Frank Mutya A726D frank.mutya@mcgill,ca 514-398-4540
Timetable & Scheduling Jennifer Stephenson A726E jennifer.stephenson [at] 514-398-2598
Piano Maintenance Supervisor Kerry Wagner   kerry.wagner [at] 514-398-4400 ext.09526
Piano Technician Christopher Smythe      
Department of Music Research Area Coordinator listing    
Department of Performance Area Coordinator listing    

Booking Office (hire a student musician) & Ensemble Resource Management

Title(s) Name Email Phone Number
Ensemble Resource Supervisor Christa Emerson [at] 514-398-5193
Booking Office Supervisor David Menzies [at] 514-398-8157

Communications & Production

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Interim Associate Director Sophie Laurent A713 sophie.laurent [at] 514-398-8933
Production Supervisor Johanne Froncioni C208 [at] 514-398-8993
Administrative Supervisor Maureen Leaman C207 [at] /
maureen.leaman [at]
Senior Communications Coordinator Eric Dicaire C206 [at]  
Production, Communications & Event Administrator Devon Wilkinson A801 devon.wilkinson [at] 514-398-1252
Marketing & Web Content Administrator Janet Edwards E206 [at] 514-398-1704
Manager, Operations & Stage Serge Filiatrault C208   514-398-4400 ext. 00321
Stage Manager Philippe Moquin Pollack Hall   514-398-4550
Assistant Stage Manager Carl Roberge Pollack Hall   514-398-4550
Assistant Stage Manager TBA Pollack Hall   514-398-4550
Stage Manager Robert Doucet Redpath Hall/Tanna Schulich Hall   514-398-5061/514-398-4400 ext. 089603
Assistant Stage Manager Danielle Caddell-Malenfant Tanna Schulich Hall/C208   514-398-4400 ext. 089603

University Advancement

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
General Information     music.alumni [at]  
Director of Advancerment Hugh Topham   hughroland.topham [at] 514-577-8724
Development & Stewardship Officer Daniel Zuluaga   daniel.zuluaga [at] 514-398-4162
Advancement Officer, Engagement TBC      514-398-4054
Coordinator Irene Baczynsky   irene.baczynsky [at] 514-398-2101

Budget Office

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Manager, Finance Henry Tin A712 henry.tin [at] 514-398-8992
Faculty Research Finance Administrator Elise Quinn A730A elise.quinn [at] 514-398-5865
Senior Accounts Administrator Elizabeth Burnell A730C elizabeth.burnell [at] 514-398-2060

Marvin Duchow Music Library (including Gertrude Whitley Performance Library)

Title(s) Name Office Number Email Phone Number
Head Librarian Houman Behzadi A319 houman.behzadi [at] 514-398-4694
Liaison Librarian & Coordinator of Access Services Cathy Martin A317 cathy.martin [at] 514-398-5874
Liaison Librarian Katie Lai A318 katie.lai [at] 514-398-1025
Senior Reference Assistant & Cataloguing Editor (Gertrude Whitley Performance Library) Geneviève Beaudry A515 genevieve.beaudry [at] 514-398-4553
Senior Documentation Technician (audiovisual and computing technology) Gabrielle Kern A419 gabrielle.kern [at] 514-398-8330
Senior Documentation Technician Daniel Lavigne A417 daniel.lavigne3 [at] 514-398-2604
Senior Documentation Technician (Audiovisual Archives) Melissa Pipe A413 melissa.pipe [at] 514-398-3174
Head Library Clerk Melanie Preuss A418 melanie.preuss [at] 514-398-4398
Senior Documentation Technician Anne Storey A315 anne.storey [at] 514-398-4061
Senior Reference Assistant & Cataloguing Editor Sofie Tsatas A316 sofie.tsatas [at] 514-398-4400 ex. 00553
Senior Reference Assistant & Cataloguing Editor Kimberly White A501 kimberly.white [at] 514-398-4252

Opera Office

Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Program Director of Opera McGill Patrick Hansen   (514)398-4400 ext. 00240

Laboratories & Technical Staff: Music Technology

Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Computational Acoustic Modeling Laboratory (CAML), Director Gary Scavone 504 514-398-4400 ext. 089834
Distributed Digital Music Archives & Libraries Lab (DDMAL), Director Ichiro Fujinaga 506 514-398-4400 ext. 00944
Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory(IDMIL), Director Marcelo Wanderley A830 514-398-6670
Music Perception & Cognition Laboratory (MPCL), Director, Real-Time Multimodal Laboratory(RTML), Director Stephen McAdams 502/511/522 514-398-4400 ext. 094827
MPCL/RTML, Technical Manager Bennet Smith 505 514-398-4400 ext. 094945
Sound Processing & Control Laboratory (SPCL), Director Philippe Depalle 510 514-398-4400 ext. 00317
Chief Electronics Technician, Music Technology Darryl Cameron 512 514-398-4400 ext. 1430
Research Assistant & ACTOR Project Coordinator, Music Technology Andre Martins de Oliveira 501 514-398-4400 ext. 00900

Studios (DCS & Recording)

Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Technical Director, Digital Composition Studio Richard McKenzie E515 514-398-4400 ext. 4552
Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Chief Electronics Technician, Sound Recording Area Jerry Catanescu E107 514-398-3530

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT)

Title(s) Email
General enquiries info [at]
Title(s) Name Office Number Phone Number
Director, CIRMMT Fabrice Marandola A830 514-398-6670
Associate Director, Artistic Research, CIRMMT Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (UQAM)    
Associate Director, Scientific and Technological Research, CIRMMT Rachel Bouserhal (École de technologie supérieure)    
Office Administrator, CIRMMT Jacqueline Bednar A828 514-398-2464
Electronics Coordinator, CIRMMT Yves Methot A827 514-398-4745
Production Manager (Part time), CIRMMT Sylvain Pohu A827 514-398-4400 ext. 089883
Events Coordinator (Part time), CIRMMT Darko Dimitrijevic A812 514-398-8793
Systems and Technical Manager, CIRMMT Julien Boissinot A828 514-398-3688

IT Support

Title(s) Support Request Website Phone Number
McGill IT Helpdesk 514.398.3398


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