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Room Bookings

Room Reservation Reminders
  • Only the individuals who are booked to be in a room at a given time are allowed to be present in that room. This means:
    • Only the one person who has booked a practice room is allowed to be in that room for that period of time. It is strictly forbidden to invite anyone else into your practice room.
    • Rehearsals that involve more than one person need to be booked with the Building Director’s Office. Only those individuals who are booked to be in the room at that time are allowed to be present.
    • For students with recitals:
      • DRESS REHEARSAL: Only the performer(s), accompanist (and a page turner if required), and practical instructor are allowed to be present
      • PERFORMANCE: Only the performer(s), accompanist (and a page turner if required) and the jury panel can be present
  • Cleaning protocols must be strictly followed
    • Anyone playing on a keyboard instrument is responsible for cleaning the keyboard after each use
    • Anyone playing/singing in front of a Plexiglass shield (wind and brass instruments and singers) is responsible for cleaning their side of the shield after each use

The Building Director's Office

Students, Faculty and staff can book classrooms, conference rooms, ensemble rooms, teaching studios and library seminar rooms through the online room booking system (see COVID-19 Room Bookings above for current process).

Students and staff can access the following services through the Building Director's office:

Communications & Production (booking a hall or recording services)

Students, staff and external clients can reserve and rent our halls & recording studios through Communications & Production.  

Students & Staff

  • Visit Concert Hall Bookings for instructions about reserving our halls, booking procedures and policies.

External Clients

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