In Conversation with Robert Spade

7 Apr 2024

For the past two decades, Robert Spade has dedicated his career to community building. He spent several years valiantly working as a firefighter, a child and youth worker, and as a cultural advisor...

In Conversation with Julie Cumming

8 Mar 2024

As women all over the world are being remembered and celebrated in honour of International Women’s Day, it seems to be the perfect occasion to look back on women’s prominent role in music...

In Conversation with Jack Kelly

22 Feb 2024

The art of recording and disseminating music is relatively new. But over the past 100 years, talented engineers have learned to create unique audial experiences that are often as creative as the...

In Conversation with Kristin Franseen

8 Jan 2024

We often turn to critics, commentators, biographers, and musicologists to help us deepen our connection to our favourite musical works. And the most prolific of these interpreters can create a...

In Conversation with Sean Mayes

15 Dec 2023

What can you do with a degree in music education? A lot, it turns out. Sean Mayes earned his undergraduate degrees in music and education at McGill in 2013. And since then, he has taken on projects...

In Conversation with James Clemens-Seely

24 Nov 2023

The best sound engineers deploy their years of experience with microphones, mixers, and high-fidelity audio equipment to lovingly capture musical notes and steward them to your sound system. And...

In Conversation with Danielle Gaudry

24 Nov 2023

Great education is the key to great music-making, and Professor Danielle Gaudry is ensuring her students receive the best education possible.

In Conversation with Marina Thibeault

13 Nov 2023

Marina Thibeault has many talents as a musician. Their virtuosic ability on the viola pairs with a deep knowledge of several musical traditions, incorporated masterfully into their performances. It...

In Conversation with Don Patrick Martin

10 Oct 2023

For Don Patrick Martin, Assistant Professor in Indigenous and Community Music, music-making is a political act....


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