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The McGill Graduate Program in Sound Recording is the only program in North America to offer both a Master's and PhD degree. It follows the European Tonmeister tradition of training musicians to become sound engineers, which is only possible at institutions like McGill, where plentiful musical activity in a variety of styles meets the needs of a comprehensive sound recording program.

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The program is highly regarded within the recording industry and attracts top students, who go on to fill important positions in leading recording companies, studios and universities around the world. Faculty, alumni and students have made considerable contributions to research through national and international presentations, publications and collaborations. Areas of research include the development of new techniques and technologies for multichannel sound, virtual auditory environments, microphone techniques, automated mixing, advanced technical ear training, audiovisual correlation, and Internet music delivery.

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We do not offer undergraduate programs. Students who need more study to prepare for our M.Mus. graduate program can register for a year of pre-requisite courses.

Sound Recording Area Faculty

Area Coordinator: martha.defrancisco [at] (Prof. Martha de Francisco)

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