Minor Programs

Most undergraduate minor programs in music are open to music and non-music students who wish to focus on a specialized field outside their major. 

The Schulich School of Music offers the following minor programs within the Music Performance and Music Research areas:

Minors in the Department of Music Performance:

Minors in the Department of Music Research:

Other minor options for B.Mus. students

In addition to Music minors, B.Mus. students can apply for minors offered by other faculties at McGill University.  You can count your minor credits as electives towards your B.Mus. program.

Non-music minor options include:

  • Management minors for non-management students. To apply, submit an online application through the Desautels Faculty of Management.
  • Arts minors. You do not need to apply for an Arts minor. Email Music's studentaffairs.music [at] mcgill.ca (Student Affairs Office) to indicate which arts minor you want to add to your B.Mus. degree. We will add the arts minor to your student record.
  • Science minors. To apply, contact the relevant science department for permission to add a science minor for non-science students. If your request is approved, send the written approval by email to Music's studentaffairs.music [at] mcgill.ca (Student Affairs Office). We will add the science minor to your student record.

For more information about music and non-music minors, please contact the studentaffairs.music [at] mcgill.ca (Student Affairs Office).

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