Music Composition; B.Mus. (Minor)

Program Overview

The Minor in Composition offers a cross section of courses of the type taken by Composition majors, giving non-Composition majors the chance to explore a number of subjects specifically from a composer's vantage point. The required courses introduce students to important fundamental techniques in orchestration, instrumental composition, and digital composition; the complementary theory electives provide additional tools in analysis, and written expression of ideas related to composition.


This minor program is open to all B.Mus. students (with the exception of students in the B.Mus. Major in Composition), subject to the approval of the Schulich School of Music.  Enrollment is limited, and students are strongly recommended to submit a sample composition.


Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) - Minor Composition (18 Credits)


Application period: December 1, 2021 to May 1, 2022

How to apply: Complete the application form. You will be notified of the results via email by the end of June. 


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