Research Resources for Academic Staff

Researchers are encouraged to meet periodically with the Associate Dean (Research), to discuss current research projects and new areas of interest or to obtain information regarding any of the services outlined in this section.

Office of the Associate Dean (Research)

The Schulich School of Music offers a range of services in support of research development, dissemination and outreach through the Office of the ADR.   

The Office of the ADR assists researchers by:

  • Promoting faculty research interests within and outside the university
  • Facilitating research networking and fostering collaborations
  • Providing strategic assistance in targeting and applying for research funding  
  • Developing and maintaining the information resources required for faculty research planning, promotion and reporting
  • Keeping abreast of university and granting agency research policies and procedures and providing guidance to researchers

FST (Financial Services Team)

The Schulich School of Music’s Financial Services Team has a designated Research Financial Administrator who provides post-award financial management assistance to researchers. 

The Faculty Research Financial Administrator is available to:

  • Assist researchers with financial planning and administration of their research grants
  • Liaise with any central administrative office regarding financial matters on the researcher’s behalf

OSR (Office of Sponsored Research)

McGill University's Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) provides comprehensive information, services and support to members of the McGill research community in their pursuit and management of funding. It also ensures accountability, compliance and stewardship for the funds received for McGill research. 

For more information about the OSR and services provided to the McGill research community, visit the OSR website.

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