Internal review of grant applications

Obtaining signatures

All grant applications/OSR checklists must be submitted to the Office of the ADR no later than 2 business days before the Office of Sponsored Research submission deadline in order to guarantee that they will be signed at the faculty level.   The full application and relevant forms must be emailed to the ichiro.fujinaga [at] (Associate Dean (Research)).

Cash and in-kind commitments from the Schulich School of Music

Applicants whose budget requests include commitments from any unit within the SSM must submit their applications with a clear outline of the financial assistance being requested from the School at least 10 working days prior to the OSR deadline.  Requests for financial commitments will be assessed by the Executive Committee.

Library of grant proposals

Schulich School of music faculty who are preparing a grant application and are interested in viewing copies of successful research proposals can contact McGill's Office of Sponsored Research.

Application review and feedback

Applicants are encouraged to communicate with the Office of the ADR early in the grant-writing process in order to receive detailed feedback about their proposal.   The Office of the ADR provides two types of in-depth review services for research grant applicants:

 Pre-submission review

Applicants who submit their grant applications to the Office of the ADR at least 10 business days prior to OSR deadlines will receive feedback addressing:

  • Readability of the proposal (particularly for non-expert reviewers)
  • Formatting
  • Alignment of the proposal with program objectives
  • Budget calculation and justification
  • Extent to which evaluation criteria are addressed
  • Cohesiveness of team (if applicable)

In-depth research review

Research grant applicants are encouraged to contact one of the Schulich School of Music researchers listed below early in the grant writing process for confidential feedback about their project proposal.  These volunteer reviewers have all previously obtained research funding and can provide guidance regarding:

  • The cohesiveness of the proposed research program
  • The development of a comprehensive research strategy outline (methodology)
  • How to orient the project towards key program objectives
  • Building a functional budget
  • Potential collaborators

Obtaining feedback from colleagues during the developmental phase of a research grant proposal can substantially enhance the possibility of creating a successful application.  It is mutually beneficial as the sharing of research ideas may lead to new collaborations and also to mentorship opportunities.

Current volunteer reviewers:

  • william.caplin [at] (William Caplin)
  • ichiro.fujinaga [at] (Ichiro Fujinaga)
  • aiyun.huang [at] (Aiyun Huang)
  • steven.huebner [at] (Steven Huebner)
  • stephen.mcadams [at] (Stephen McAdams)
  • wieslaw.woszczyk [at] (Wieslaw Woszczyk)

Faculty members who have previously been awarded research funding are strongly encouraged to volunteer as faculty research grant reviewers.  To do so, please contact the ichiro.fujinaga [at] (Associate Dean (Research)).

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