Visiting Scholars and Artists

The Schulich School of Music hosts many visiting researchers (professors, artists/scholars, fellows) and guest lecturers each year.

  • If you are interested in visiting our school for a semester or more, find out about the application process.

Catherine Thornhill-Steele Visiting Artists

Made possible by the vision and generosity of Seymour Schulich, the Catherine Thornhill Steele Chair in Music was established in 2006. Used each year to invite leading artists to perform and teach at the Schulich School of Music, former guests have included Andrew Dawes, Anton Kuerti, Jens Lindemann and many others. In past years, the Catherine Thornhill-Steele Chair has supported guest artists in woodwinds, brass, early music, jazz and contemporary music.

Our visitors during 2020-2021

  • Ari Agha, Voice (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Laura Andriani, Baroque violin (Early Music Area) | Visiting Artist
    Malachai Bandy, Viola da gamba, baroque violin (Early Music Area)
  • Laura Andriani, Violin and Chamber Music (Piano and Organ Area)
  • Raffi Armenian, Conductor (Conducting Area)
  • Pavlo Beznosiuk, Baroque violin (Early Music Area)
    Vidita Kannikeswaran, Soprano (Early Music Area)
  • David Braid, Composer (Jazz Area)
    Swami Antunes de Campos Jr., Guitar (Jazz Area)
  • Karen Burke, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Simon Carrington, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Paula Chateauneuf, Therobo, lute, early guitar (Early Music Area)
  • Lisa Chisholm, Conductor (Conducting Area)
  • Sommer Christie, Physiotherapist (Career Skills and Performance Practice)
  • Ira Coleman, Bass (Jazz Area)
    Billy Drummond, Drums (Jazz Area)
    Charles Ellison, Trumpet (Jazz Area)
    Virginia Frigault-MacDonald, Piano/Drums (Jazz Area)
  • Whitney Crockett, Bassoon (Woodwind Area)
  • Isabelle Demers, Organ (Piano and Organ Area)
  • Lori-Anne Dolloff, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Karen Donnelly, Trumpet (Brass Area)
  • Roma Duncan, Piccolo (Woodwind Area)
  • Adam Fischer, Conductor (Conducting Area)
  • Annie Fullard, Violin (String Area)
    Anna Elashvili, Violin (String Area)
    Anna Rabbat, Violin (String Area)
    Annie Jacobs-Perkins, Cello (String Area)
  • Zlatomir Fung, Cello (String Area)
  • Lori Gemmell, Harp (String Area)
  • Dina Gilbert, Conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor)
  • Jean-Marie Zeitouni, Conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor)
  • Lorraine Vaillancourt, Conductor (CME Guest Conductor)
  • Wayne Dumaine, Trumpet (Brass Area)
  • Esteli Gomez, Mezzo(Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
    Laura Hynes, Vocal Studies (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Claire Guimond, Baroque Flute (Woodwind Area)
  • Barbara Hannigan, Conductor (Voice Area)
  • Clemens Hellseberg, Conductor (Conducting Area)
  • Richard Hoenich, Bassoon (Woodwind Area)
  • Susan Hoeppner, Flute (Woodwind Area)
    John Clouser, Bassoon (Woodwind Area)
    Suzanne Nelson, Bassoon (Woodwind Area)
  • Caleb Hudson, Trumpet (Brass Area)
  • David Jackson, Trombone (Brass Area)
  • James Jordan, Choral Studies (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Michael Kannen, Cello (String Area)
  • Tammy Kernodle, Musicology (Jazz Area)
    Ricky Riccardi, Trumpet (Jazz Area)
  • Esteban La Rotta, Theorbo (Early Music Area)
  • Jeffrey Lang, Horn (Brass Area)
    John Romero, Trombone (Brass Area)
  • David Lang, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
    Hilary Apfelstadt, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • Chris Lee, Tuba (Brass Area)
  • François LeRoux, Baritone (Voice Area)
  • Alexander Lloyd Blake, Conductor (Choir and Choral Conducting Area)
  • William Lowe, Tuba (Jazz Area)
    Andy Milne, Piano (Jazz Area)
  • Eva Lymenstull, Baroque cello (Early Music Area)
    Marc Mauillon, Tenor (Early Music Area)
  • Nadina Mackie Jackson, Bassoon (Woodwind Area)
  • Joanna Majoko, Voice (Jazz Area)
    Vince Mendoza, Big Band (Jazz Area)
    Nelson Veras, Guitar (Jazz Area)
    Tanya Rivard, percussion (Jazz Area)
    James McNeely, Piano (Jazz Area)

Our visitors during 2019-2020

  • Samuel Banks, Bassoon | Masterclass
  • Olivier Beaumont, Harpsichord | Masterclass
  • Jerry Blackstone, choral conductor (Feature Guest) | Visiting Artist
  • Florence Blain-Mbaye, Narrator
  • James Campbell, clarinet (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Christine Carter, Clarinet & Performance Psychology | Masterclass
  • Michael Charry, conductor (Feature Guest) | Visiting Artist
  • Percussions Claviers de Lyon | Masterclass
  • Greg Cohen, jazz bass (Feature Guest) | Visiting Artist
  • Rosella Croce, Baroque Violin | Masterclass
  • Gabriel Crouch, choral conductor (Feature Guest) | Visiting Artist
  • Profeti della Quinta, Early Music/Choral Music | Masterclass
  • Brian DeMaris, conductor (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Gabrièle Dostie-Poirier, Bassoon | Masterclass
  • Étienne Dupuis, Tenor | Masterclass
  • Enrico Elisi, Piano | Masterclass
  • Judith Forst, Mezzo-Soprano | Masterclass
  • Amanda Forsythe, Soprano | Masterclass
  • Eitan Globerson, Piano | Masterclass
  • David Griffin, Horn | Masterclass
  • Neal Gripp, viola (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Claire Guimond, Oboe | Masterclass
  • Doug Hammond, Jazz Drums, Improv, Composition | Masterclass
  • Jared Hauser, Oboe | Masterclass
  • Lena Hellström-Färnlöf, Soprano | Masterclass
  • Jonathan Helton, Saxophone | Masterclass
  • Gwen Hoebig, Violin | Masterclass
  • Eugene Izotov, Oboe | Masterclass
  • Kim Kashkashian, viola (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Masao Kawasaki, Violin | Masterclass in collaboration with OSM
  • Jon Kimura Parker, Piano | Masterclass in collaboration with LMMC
  • Gwen Klassen, Piccolo | Masterclass
  • Elisabeth Kontomanou, Jazz Singer | Masterclass
  • Alexis Kossenko, Baroque Flute and Recorder | Masterclass
  • Robert Langevin, flute (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist with support from Cindy Shuter Masterclass Fund
  • Terri Lyne Carrington, jazz drums (Feature Guest) | Visiting Artist
  • Kathleen McClean, Bassoon | Masterclass
  • Michael Mori, director (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Renaud Muzzolini, marimba (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Paul Nedzela, Jazz Bari-Saxophone | Masterclass
  • Ronan O'Hora, Piano | Masterclass
  • Maggi Olin, Jazz Piano and Composition | Masterclass
  • James Pandolfi, Trumpet | Masterclass
  • Aaron Parks, Jazz Piano, Improv and Composition | Masterclass
  • James Ross, Trumpet | Masterclass
  • François-Xavier Roth, Conductor | Masterclass
  • John Sampen, saxophone with Mark Bunce, composer (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Mari Sato, Violin | Masterclass
  • Michael Schade, tenor (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Steve Shires, Trombone/French Horn maker | Masterclass
  • Nora Shulman, Flute | Masterclass
  • Peter Wiley, cello (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist


Jazz Trio: Ingrid Laubrock, Saxophone, Tom Rainey, Drums & Hank Roberts, Cello | Masterclass

Trio Zadig: Boris Borgolotto, violin; Marc Girard Garcia, cello; Ian Barber, piano (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist

Our visitors during 2018-2019

  • Ambrose Akinmusire, jazz trumpet| Visiting Artist
  • Fabian Almazan, jazz piano / improv / composition / cuban music | Masterclass
  • Raffi Armenian, conductor | Visiting Artist
  • Martin Beaver, violin | Masterclass
  • Victoria Bednarczyk, physiotherapist | Masterclass
  • Nathan Berg, voice | Masterclass
  • Alfredo Bernardini, baroque oboe | Masterclass
  • Andrew Bisantz, opera conductor | Visiting Artist
  • Vincent Boilard, oboe | Masterclass
  • Maurice Bourgue, oboe | Visiting Artist
  • Colin Carr, cello | Visiting Artist
  • Simon Carrington, choir conductor | Visiting Artist
  • Carolyn Christie, performance psychology | Masterclass
  • Mino Cinelu, jazz drums | Masterclass
  • Lorenzo Coppola, early clarinet | Masterclass
  • Tracy Dahl, soprano | Masterclass
  • Jeremy Denk, piano | Visiting Artist
  • Jessica Derventzis, opera director (Opera McGill) | Visiting Artist
  • Jorrit Dijkstra, jazz saxophone | Masterclass
  • Alexandra Eastley, bassoon | Masterclass
  • Chris Elton, piano | Masterclass
  • Adrian Fung, strings | Masterclass
  • Luca Guglielmi, harpsichord, organ and conductor | Masterclass
  • Claire Guimond, baroque style | Masterclass
  • Richie Hawley, clarinet | Visiting Artist
  • Edward Higginbottom, conductor | Masterclass
  • Eugene Izotov, oboe | Visiting Artist
  • Steve Kaldestad, jazz saxophone | Masterclass
  • Gwen Klassen, piccolo and wellness | Masterclass
  • Yolanda Kondonassis, harp | Masterclass
  • Pierre Lapointe, viola | Masterclass
  • Jean-François Latour, piano | Concerto Competition Jury Member
  • Jean-Baptiste Leclere, percussion | Visiting Artist
  • Hugues Leclere, composition and piano | Masterclass
  • Hubert Lemire, choir and replacement narrator | Masterclass
  • Linda Mayhan Oh, jazz bass, improv and composition | Masterclass
  • Bill McBirnie, flute | Masterclass
  • Ben Monder, jazz drums | Masterclass
  • Meredith Monk, jazz voice | Visiting Artist
  • Pedja Muzijevic, piano and string seminar | Masterclass
  • James O'Donnell, conductor | Masterclass
  • Simos Papanas, violin | Visiting Artist
  • Nathalie Paulin, early music voice | Masterclass
  • Giovanni Perin, jazz vibraphone | Masterclass
  • Philippe Schartz, trumpet | Masterclass
  • Broken Shadows, jazz | Visiting Artist
  • Jen Shyu, experimental, jazz voice and composition | Visiting Artist
  • Ted Soluri, bassoon | Masterclass
  • Dong Suk Kang, strings | Masterclass
  • Guillaume Sutre, violin | Masterclass
  • Baptiste Trotignon, piano | Masterclass
  • Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor (November 9)
  • Anna Webber, jazz saxophone | Masterclass
  • Pieter Wispelwey, cello | Masterclass
  • Duain Wolfe, conductor | Masterclass
  • Eric Wong, strings | Masterclass

Our visitors during 2017-2018

  • Hinrich Alper, piano (Piano Area) | Masterclass
  • Stéphane Beaulac, trumpet (Brass Area) | Masterclass
  • Amandine Beye, baroque violin (Early Music Area) | Masterclass
  • Michel Bouvard, organ (Organ Area) | Masterclass
  • Daniel Cabena, countertenor (Vocal Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Patricia Cioffi, soprano (Voice Area) | Masterclass
  • Jane Coop, piano (Piano Area) | Masterclass
  • David Dolan, piano improvisation (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Nicolas Ellis, conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor) | Visiting Artist
  • Eriks Esenvalds, composer (Choral Area) | Masterclass
  • Nir Felder, jazz guitar (Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • Claire Guimond, flute (Woodwind Area) | Masterclass
  • Susan Hoeppner, flute (Woodwind Area) | Masterclass
  • Bendik Hofseth, jazz saxophone and vocals (Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • Eberly Hunter, trumpet (Brass Area) | Masterclass
  • Eugene Izotov, oboe (Woodwind Area) | Masterclass
  • Isaih Jackson, conductor (Conducting Area) | Masterclass
  • Adam Johnson, conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor) | Visiting Artist
  • Jeffrey Khaner, flute (Woodwind Area) | Visiting Artist
    Steven Dann, viola (Woodwind Area) | Visiting Artist
  • David Kirk, tuba (Brass Area) | Masterclass
  • Jasmin Kolberg, percussion (Percussion Area) | Visiting Artist
  • John Korsud, trumpet and composition (Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • David Krakauer, clarinet (Woodwind Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Suzie LeBlanc, soprano (Early Music Area)| Visiting Artist
  • Jeffery Lyman, bassoon (Woodwind Area) | Masterclass
  • Kirk MacDonald, saxophone with Harold Mabern, piano (Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • Payton MacDonald, percussion (Percussion Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Tony Malaby, jazz saxophone (Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • Florence Malgloire, baroque violin and conductor (Choral Area) | Masterclass
  • Andrew Megill, choral conductor (Choral Area) | Masterclass
  • Johannes Moser, cello (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Kent Nagano, conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor) | Visiting Artist
  • Ken Radnofsky, saxophone (Woodwind Area) | Masterclass with support from Cindy Shuter Masterclass Fund
  • Catherine Robbin, mezzo-soprano (Voice Area) | Masterclass
  • Rafael Rosenfeld, cellist (Musical Chairs) | Visiting Artist
  • Emmanuel Séjourné, percussion (Percussion Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Claudia Stenkert, (Brass Area) | Masterclass
  • Ryan Truesdell, composer (Jazz Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Paul Vaillancourt, percussion (Percussion Area) | Visiting Artist
  • Jörgen van Rijen, trombone (Brass Area) | Masterclass
  • Dan Weiss, jazz drums(Jazz Area) | Masterclass
  • Christian Zacharias, piano (Piano Area) | Masterclass
  • Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor (MGSO Guest Conductor) | Visiting Artist




Trio SR9, percussion (Percussion Area) | Visiting Artist

Canadian Brass, brass (Brass Area) | Visiting Artist

Our visitors during 2016-2017

  • Theo Bleckmann, jazz voice
  • Steven Dann, viola, Catherine Thornhill Steele Chair (2015-2018)
  • David Dolan, improvisation
  • Hae-Sun Kang, violin
  • Barthold Kuijken, guest conductor
  • Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière, baroque dance
  • Daniel Matsukawa, bassoon
  • Robert McDonald, piano
  • Sam Newsome, jazz saxophone
  • Peter Sullivan, trombone




Our visitors during 2015-2016

  • Roland Auzet (Percussion)    
  • Gordon Bitner (Bass-Baritone)    
  • Donna Brown (Soprano)    
  • Benjamin Butterfield (Tenor)    
  • Rihab Chaieb (Mezzo-Soprano)    
  • Steven Dann (Viola) - Catherine Thornhill-Steele Chair 2015-2018
  • Gerald Finely (Baritone)    
  • Hollenbeck Large Ensemble (Big Band)    
  • Christopher Larkin (Opera Conductor)
  • Jens Lindemann (Trumpet)   
  • New Orford String Quartet (Jonathan Crow, Andrew Wan, Eric Nowlin and Brian Manker)
  • Tara Helen O'Connor (Flute) 
  • Brian O'Kane (Jazz Trumpet)    
  • Daniel Phillips (Violin)    
  • Anthony Prisk (Trumpet)
  • Adam Rogers (Jazz Guitar)    
  • Eugene Rousseau (Saxophone)    
  • Philippe Sly (Baritone)    
  • Janis Steprans (Jazz Saxophone)    
  • Pete Sullivan (Trombone)    
  • Steven Van Gulick (Trumpet)  
  • Jacqueline Woodley (Soprano)    
  • Cristina Zacharias (Violin)    
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