Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Vision Statement for EDI at the Schulich School of Music

The Schulich School of Music is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in our learning and employment environment, our artistic and social interactions, and our engagement with all communities. We aim to foster a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of all persons. We strive to identify, remove, and prevent barriers that hinder full and meaningful participation in all aspects of campus life. All members of the Schulich School of Music community share the responsibility of supporting these values and goals, which are consistent with McGill University’s EDI Strategic Plan.

  1. We are diversifying our community by implementing strategies to recruit underrepresented populations

    We are working to recruit prospective students from underrepresented populations. These include Black, Indigenous, women, disabled, and LGBTQ2i+ persons. We practice proactive recruitment to encourage applications from groups who are currently underrepresented. The Dean and Advancement team are fundraising to create more scholarship support for students from underrepresented groups.

    Area Coordinators collaborate with instructors and students to bring people with diverse identities (including members of underrepresented groups), experiences, and perspectives to the Schulich School of Music. The Dean invites Distinguished Visiting Scholars (Dean’s Chairs) who enhance diversity in our community to teach and mentor students and faculty. We seek out candidates from underrepresented groups in tenure-stream hiring.  


  1. EDI committee

    This is a standing committee of Faculty Council, with faculty, staff, and student representation. The committee promotes initiatives related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. This is the core engine of cultural change and the liaison with central University EDI resources. The committee developed guidelines for faculty-student interaction in the music context to ensure that all faculty and students understand and uphold the principles of respect, professionalism, integrity, responsibility and equity in the musical environment. These guidelines are updated when needed.

    Regular training workshops for faculty, staff and students on EDI matters are provided by the Provost’s office. We also bring in experts on EDI issues to speak to the EDI committee and to Faculty Council. All members of the community are encouraged to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion. This includes curriculum, repertoire, teaching methods that support diversity and different learning styles, guest artists and speakers. They will report innovations and achievements each year.


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Meet Schulich's  Equity Advisors

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