The Schulich School of Music is a university in miniature, bringing together multiple research paradigms for the study, performance, and creation of many different kinds of music: Performing and Creative arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, and Engineering.  We ask many different kinds of questions about music, and use many different approaches to answering them; we also foster rich multidisciplinary research and many forms of collaboration.    

  • Performance: early music, opera, orchestral music, chamber music, keyboards (piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, organ), new music, jazz
  • Composition: new music, with and without computers
  • Humanities: musicology, music theory, digital humanities
  • Social Sciences: education, pedagogy
  • Science: acoustics, computer science, psychoacoustics, music psychology
  • Engineering: sound analysis and synthesis, instrument design, new digital instruments, sound recording 

Our performers and scholars win prizes and receive grants from many different funding agencies and organizations inside and outside Canada, and we bring leading figures in the study of music to McGill each year.  

Learn more about who we are and what we do:

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