Practice Room Guidelines

Practice Room Guidelines have been posted in the practice room areas. For convenience, the guidelines are copied below in this email. Please read these carefully.

In particular, please note that practice room door windows must not be obstructed, for reasons of security. In addition, garbage must not be left in practice rooms, and windows must be closed when you leave a practice room.

I would also ask that you all behave courteously and with mutual respect, in all of your interactions concerning practice rooms.

Any misconduct should be reported immediately to the Office of the Associate Dean (Academic and Student Affairs), Professor Andrea Creech at [at]

  1. Practice rooms are reserved exclusively for the use of currently registered Schulich School of Music students.
  2. Practice rooms are designated as being in priority to Voice, Piano, and Instrumental areas. Please observe the signage in the rooms.
  3. If a practice room is vacant, a student from any area may use it, but the students have the right to respectfully ask a student to leave a room that is not designated for their area. When asked, you must leave promptly and courteously.
  4. If a student leaves a room unoccupied for more that 15 minutes (even if belongings have been left in the room), another student has the right to occupy that room.
  5. Students may use a practice room for up to 2 hours at a time.
  6. Practice room door windows may not be obstructed, for reasons of security. Security officers will require that the obstructions be removed.
  7. Garbage must not be left in the practice rooms. Garbage bins are placed in the hallways for your convenience.
  8. Exterior windows must be closed when leaving the room.
  9. The use of practice rooms for teaching students not enrolled at the Schulich School of Music is not permitted under any circumstances.
  10. Access to the practice rooms is by McGill I.D. card. Please do not allow anyone without a card access to enter the practice room floors.


Practice space rental

Practice space may be rented between May 1st until August 18th. The rental of practice space is available to any individual wishing to make use of a piano or practice space during the summer months. Use of space is based on a first come, first served basis and is available from Monday to Sunday during building hours.

For more information, please contact us by email at [at] or by telephone at 514-398-8333.

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