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Enrolment Letters

MyCreds™ and McGill

Now available! Students will be able to access certain documents such as official electronic transcripts, custom letters, documents, and forms via their MyCreds e-wallet.

MyCreds™ is a secure document sharing platform built in collaboration with ARUCC (the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada) that gives students and alumni of Canadian universities and colleges access to a secure digital credential sharing wallet via an online platform.

MyCreds will be used by McGill’s Enrolment Services to allow students and alumni to share their digital credentials with a third party via a secure online platform. When a document such as a custom letter or form is issued to a student or alumnus of McGill by Enrolment Services, they will receive an email, which will prompt them to log into the MyCreds portal with their McGill credentials. Once logged in to MyCreds, they can view and/or pay a fee to securely share their document with a third party. Documents shared though MyCreds contain digital signatures when students/alumni share their documents with third parties through the portal, these digital signatures ensure their authenticity as a document issued by McGill University.

Proof of enrolment letter vs. confirmation of enrolment forms

A proof of enrolment letter is an official letter signed by the University Registrar listing the academic terms in which a student was registered. It is available for download from Minerva as a PDF, which can be printed or saved.

Organizations that accept a proof of enrolment letter:

-Local transport authorities (STM, AMT, etc.)
-Provincial health authorities
-RESP provider
-Explore program form
-SWAP Working Holidays
-and many others

Note: For the STM public transit reduced fare, students may also order their OPUS card via Minerva.  

A confirmation of enrolment form is a third party form to confirm a student's enrolment at McGill. It is provided by a student to be completed by Service Point. 

Types of confirmation of enrolment forms completed by Service Point:

-Government forms (i.e. permanent residency)
-Embassies or consulates
Foreign government
Insurance claim/Pension/Veterans Affairs

Print a proof of enrolment letter 

Students who require confirmation of their status at McGill can obtain a signed letter listing the terms in which they were registered by accessing their record in Minerva.

  1. Log into Minerva 
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select the Student Records Menu
  4. Click Letters – Proof of Enrolment
  5. Select the appropriate term(s) and type of letter
  6. Click Submit/Print
  7. The letter will open in a PDF file, which can then be printed or saved
  8. (Optional) You have the opportunity to share your enrolment letter with third parties using the secure MyCreds platform. Should you require this service, upload a copy of your enrolment letter to our online request form. Please note that there is a $15 service fee when using MyCreds.

Common organizations requiring proof or confirmation of enrolment

Canadian and Other Immigration Authorities

Students may need to provide a proof of enrolment letter for the purposes of applying for or renewing immigration permits, to apply for Canadian status, or other purposes related to citizenship and/or residency.

In general, international students renewing their study permit and/or CAQ require a “credits-completed-to-date” letter. This letter is generated by the student directly in their Minerva account by selecting “credits completed to date” under the section “type of letter”. This letter can be generated for most students except for students in Dentistry, Dental Residency, Medicine, Medical Residency or a Postdoc. For these programs, please contact your Student Affairs Office or department for assistance.

Graduating students (UG or GR) wishing to apply for a post graduate work permit should refer to the International Student Services (ISS) website.

Students dealing with non-Canadian immigration authorities needing proof of enrolment at McGill should use the normal enrolment letter. Should this letter be questioned or refused, please contact Service Point.

For information on required permits according to the level and length of studies, please refer to the Legal Documents website. When applying for or renewing permits, always refer to ISS for confirmation of what documentation is required for your specific purposes in Canada.

Canadian Provincial Health Authorities

Canadian provincial health authorities generally require proof of full-time attendance at a recognized educational institution. If you are an Out-of-Province student attending McGill University and will be temporarily living in Quebec for the duration of your studies, you may need to provide your provincial health authority (OHIP, BC CareCard, etc) a proof of enrolment letter and the length of your program.

What to submit:

  1. Print a Proof of Enrolment letter from Minerva – select the Credits Completed to Date option.

  2. Submit the letter directly to your provincial health care provider

Convention de stage/internship confirmation form

If you are doing a stage that will count for credits towards your degree, consult with your home faculty's Internship Office. Note that neither CAPS nor Service Point can sign a form that attest or support students who are completing stages on their own.

Forms for a centralised application service

If you require a form to be completed for a centralised application service (i.e.: Common Application Transfer College Report, AMCAS, LSAC, SOPHAS, WES, …), you must order an official transcript via Minerva.  You will need to follow the link and instructions that display upon submission of your official transcript request in Minerva. 

Government Aid form

Forms that require our “institutional code” or any forms that have the keywords "name of government jurisdiction" should be filled-out by Scholarship & Student Aid Office. Examples are:

  • Quebec AFE Confirmation of Student Status / Loan Remission
  • Canada Student Loan - Confirmation of Enrolment - Schedule 2
  • OSAP - Continuation of Interest-Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (schedule 2)
  • Sallie Mae - In-School Deferment Request
  • Etc.

International Non-Governmental Organizations

A student whose parent(s) work for an international non-governmental organization, such as the United Nations, World Bank, or International Monetary Fund, may require that McGill completes a form to attest proof of school attendance and confirmation of tuition and fees paid.
The student may submit their request to Service Point for completion of their tuition reimbursement form by completing our online request form.  

NOTE: The University cannot attest to a student’s dates of enrolment until after the semester is officially completed, including all final exams.  These types of requests are completed once per year (beginning in May) for students enrolled in both the Fall & Winter terms.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESPs)

RESP providers generally require proof of full-time status along with the number of credits completed at an educational institution.
Students can submit their proof of enrolment letters directly to their RESP provider. This includes the following companies:
Knowledge First Financial: knowledgefirstfinancial.ca CST: www.cst.org Heritage Education Funds: www.heritageresp.com Children's Education Funds: www.cefi.ca

What to submit

  1. Print a Proof of Enrolment letter from Minerva – select the Credits Completed to Date option
  2. Write on the letter your Agreement/Plan/Contract number (normally found on the form provided by your company)
  3. Submit the letter directly to your RESP provider (they normally require your letter to indicate your status for the full academic year)

Should you have questions such as what letters should be provided (and by which deadlines), when or how funds will be disbursed, or for any other matter regarding your RESP, please contact your RESP provider directly (websites provided above).

Not able to print the letter from Minerva?

Contact Service Point for further assistance.

Students on Exchange, Study Away or CREPUQ-IUT

If you are on exchange, on a study away or completing courses at another Quebec university under the CREPUQ Inter-University Transfer (IUT), the letter will indicate “Non-resident” as your registration status. In this case, please contact or visit Service Point for further assistance. We will provide you with a letter.

Newly-admitted students

Many RESP companies require that you provide proof of full-time status by August 1st, however given that newly-admitted students can only register as of June you are advised to:

  1. Submit a copy of your acceptance letter directly to your RESP provider (so they can start processing your claim)
  2. Once you have registered full-time, follow the steps above


My RESP company did not accept the letter, what should I do?

In many cases, the letter was not accepted because you did not provide the “Proof of Credits complete to-date” letter. You MUST choose this option when generating the letter from Minerva.
It is also recommended that you provide the letter that indicates full-time enrolment for both the Fall and Winter terms. In the “Term(s)” box, scroll down to choose “Fall&Winter 20xx/20xx (Full-Time)”.
Another reason why the RESP company may reject your letter is that you have not completed enough credits to change academic year. Should the company require additional information about your academic record, we recommend providing the company with a transcript, or contact Service Point for further assistance. 

My RESP company requires McGill to send the letter directly or they want an original. What should I do?

The letter from Minerva is considered an original document. It features the McGill letterhead and uses data directly from your student record; it is considered official.


Is the proof of enrolment letter from Minerva official?

Yes, the enrolment letter produced in Minerva features McGill letterhead and uses data directly from your student record; it is considered official by third parties, including:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
  • Immigration Québec (MICC)* - for CAQ only
  • Local transport authorities (STM, AMT, etc.)
  • Provincial health authorities
  • Banks
  • RESP provider
  • and many others

*If applying for the Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ), please visit Service Point's Contact Us website to request your special letter. Service Point can provide this letter for you on demand (note that a $15 processing fee per letter will be charged to your Student Fee Account).

The organization wants an ink stamp, watermark, or handwritten signature. What should I do?

The letter from Minerva is considered an original document. We suggest that you provide the organization with your electronic official transcript (eTranscript), which is a digitally signed and certified PDF document that can be delivered electronically worldwide in as little as 15 minutes from when you place your order, or your printed official transcript, which is printed on the McGill secured red paper, has a watermark, and is provided in a sealed envelope. 

Still having trouble? The letter is not accepted? 
If the organization you are providing the letter to does not accept it, contact Service Point with the following information:

  • Your McGill ID number
  • Name of organization
  • Contact person (name, email, phone number)
  • The reason why it was not accepted

Service Point can provide this letter for you on demand (note that a $15 processing fee per letter will be charged to your Student Fee Account).

The letter from Minerva does not provide the information I’m looking for. What should I do?

Letters for immediate download: You have access to downloadable letters (e.g. sessional dates, remote instruction, language of instruction at McGill, accreditation) in PDF format with the Registrar's signature and Enrolment Services stamp. Visit the Service Point website to view all the available letters.

Other types of letters are available to students upon request at Service Point. Submit your request for a special letter using the Current Student Contact Form. Service Point can provide this letter for you on demand (note that a $15 processing fee per letter will be charged to your Student Fee Account).

Need help? Visit the Service Point Contact Us page for ways to get in touch.

Alumni who were registered or graduated prior to Fall 2002:
Please visit the IT Knowledgebase to view how your McGill ID & Minerva PIN has changed.

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