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General information

McGill students and alumni or former students who were registered or graduated from McGill as of 1972 or later can request an official transcript in PDF format to send to educational institutions, employers, funding agencies, immigration authorities, or any third party. 

Unofficial vs Official Transcripts

Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript is one that is for student use only. Unofficial transcripts do not bear the Registrar's signature, and they cannot be used to transfer to other institutions. To access your unofficial transcript:

1. Log into Minerva

2. Select the Student Menu

3. Select the Student Records Menu

4. Click View Your Unofficial Transcript

Official Transcript

An official transcript provides a complete academic record of a student’s time at McGill and must be requested through the university. Official transcripts bear the Registrar’s signature and can be used for transferring to other institutions, confirming education or credential verifications, for professional employment verifications, as well as other third-party agencies or authorities.


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