Graduate Forms

Forms listed here can be used across all graduate degree programs (PDF format)

Graduate Exam Application Form

Graduate Exam Application Form (online form) | pdf document icon Examiners List (23-24)



Deadlines for application:

Application Due Date

Exam Period

October 1

November through January

December 1

February through March

February 15

April through October

Grade Extension Form (K-KE)

Special Project Proposal Form

Submit your special project proposal to the Music Graduate Studies Office by November 15th (for Winter term projects) or April 1st (for Summer and Fall projects). Late applications will not be accepted.


  • PDF icon Special Project Proposal Form, signed by the project advisor(s) and Area Chair.
  • 1-2 pages justifying why this project cannot be taken as a graduate seminar or as part of the your thesis research and how this project will contribute to your development. Describe the project objective, methodology, methodology, anticipated results and conclusion, availability of resources and a brief description of the material(s) to be submitted at the end of the project. Give bibliographic references (approx. 10) central to the proposed work.

Current Audit Forms

Previous Audit Forms

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