Exams (Performance L.Mus.)

A number of core courses have final exams during the University’s official final exam period. Visit McGill's Exam Office website to obtain an updated final exam schedule.

Practical instruction exams

Exam schedules

Sign in to the exam schedule page to see upcoming practical instruction exam schedules. Use your McGill username and password.

Practical exam requirements

Students are encouraged to include in their final recital (MUIN 452) works by composers from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

The following links can serve as a starting point for repertoire research:

Exam requirements vary by instrument type:

Application form

In consultation with your practical instructor, fill out and submit the online exam application form by:

  • October 15 for the December exam period.
  • February 1 for the April exam period.

Request to reschedule a practical exam

If you must reschedule your exam due, for example, to medical reasons, please fill out the following form:



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