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The April 2018 Final Exam Schedule with room locations is now available

when and where is my exam?
Find an exam schedule or locate
an exam building.

What is an exam conflict?
Learn more about academic and
religious exam conflicts.

deferring an exam
Unable to write an exam? Find out
out if you qualify for a deferral.

Proctor exams
Arrange a proctor for a supervised,
off-campus exam.

need extra support?

Academic Advising: Advisors can help you make informed academic choices and guide you toward your goals.

Counselling Service: Counsellors listen to your concerns and help you overcome challenges.

McGill Nightline: A confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental listening service, run by McGill students.

Mental Health Hub: Want to talk? A wide range of campus and community resources are available to you.

Office for Students with Disabilities: Provides support and access to those with difficulties and impairments.

Walksafe: A volunteer SSMU service that provides night-time accompaniment for those walking home alone.