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For Instructors

The Exam Office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Note that we are closed daily from 12 to 1 p.m. for lunch.

Preparing Your Exam

Suggested Printing Guidelines

In an effort to be more sustainable, we suggest the following guidelines when preparing your exam for print:

- Ensure the exam is in black and white
- Keep your exam to a maximum of 25 pages, if possible (including any 
   supplementary materials such as formula sheets or tables)
- Prepare you exam pages for lettersized paper (8.5” X 11”), if possible
- Allow the exam to be printed doublesided.

We ask that all instructors provide their Supplemental and/or Deferred exams (excluding Engineering courses) with their regular December final exams when they are submitted for printing.

This will not only relieve instructors of the burden to write these exams in the New Year but will help us organize and manage the March 2024 Supplemental/Deferred exam session in a timely manner.

Exam Cover Page

ALL exams submitted for printing must include a completed version of this Exam Cover Page so we have the necessary details to manage and invigilate your final exam.

Using the Exam Cover Page:

  • Delete any information that does not pertain to your exam (e.g. “Sample Cover Page”, “number of versions”, etc.)
  • Add the course number, section(s) and exam date and time
  • Add the instructor and associate examiner names, as appropriate
  • Add the correct version # on the cover for Multiple Choice exams
  • Under INSTRUCTIONS, answer the questions concerning the exam by checking the appropriate box - clicking on the blank box will insert an X automatically.
  • Add any specific instructions for the exam in the space at the bottom of the page
  • Multiple choice exams must respect McGill’s Student Assessment Policy, including the number of versions required
  • Page numbers should appear on the bottom right hand corner of each page of the exam
    • Unless absolutely necessary, exams should be formatted to print double-sided on letter-sized paper

Exam Submission

  1. Proofread the exam prior to submission - the Exam Office is not in a position to proofread for content errors
  2. All exams for printing are submitted to the Exam Office online through our secure portal in MyCourses (instructions will be sent to all instructors with a formal exam scheduled and administered by the Exam Office and are available upon request).
  3. For any questions concerning exam submission, please contact [at]

In-Department Final Exams

  • Any course with an enrolment of less than 21 students will be an In-Department Final Exam
  • The department/instructor is responsible for the room booking, printing, and invigilation of the exam
  • The Exam Office will book the room for all In-Department exams for the Faculty of Engineering only
  • Duration of these exams is permitted to be less than three (3) hours
  • A copy of the final exam must be provided to the Exam Office at least four (4) working days prior to the exam date - this is necessary in order for us to accommodate academic or religious conflicts

Oral, Lab, or Take-Home Final Exams

These exams must be administered by the examiner responsible for the course. The Exam Office does not require a copy of these exams.

Exam Scoring

The Exam Office of Enrolment Services provides exam scoring services for exams or research projects that are composed of multiple-choice questions, and submitted on multiple choice answer sheets obtained from McGill Printing Services.  

Expected turnaround for exam scoring is:

  • Peak periods (final and midterm exams): 3-5 working days from the date the answer sheets are received
  • Non-peak periods: 2-3 working days from the date the answer sheets are received

Note: Exams are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submit an Exam for Scoring

How to submit:

1. Go to the Exam Office (3415 McTavish, Room MS-72)
2. Complete an Exam Scoring Request Form (available in the Exam Office)
3. Provide the exam answer key (NOTE: We need an answer key for every version of the exam)
4. Provide the completed answer sheets

After you submit the exam, you will receive an email at your McGill e-mail address to advise you that the exam scoring has been completed and statistical reports are ready for viewing and download in Minerva. View a sample (does not contain real data) of the Condensed Test Report and the Test Statistics Report.

For final exams administered by our office:  We will separate the multiple choice answer sheets from the rest of the exam materials for ALL multiple choice exams. The answer sheets will be delivered to the ES Exams Office for exam scoring and the rest of the exam materials will be made available for pick-up by the professor or next day delivery.

The multiple choice answer keys and request forms for final exams administered by the Exam Office must be provided to our office in advance of the exam session.

IMPORTANT: Multiple-choice exam scoring is limited to two runs:

- Once an exam is scored and results provided to the instructor, the Exam Office will offer one free exam rescore
- For each subsequent exam rescore, a $50 fee will be applicable and instructors will need to provide the Exam Office with a FOAPAL in order to proceed
- Your reports will be available in Minerva after the first run
- Once you have reviewed the content, you can [at] (email us) any changes, which will be included for the second run
- Refreshed reports will be available in Minerva after the second run

Please pick up your answer sheets within 2 weeks after exam scoring has been completed.

Note: You must hand in the pink copy of the Exam Scoring Request form to pick up the answer sheets.

Answer Sheets

Students must use a lead pencil to mark their answers and not ink. They must blacken the entire circle and completely erase any mark they wish to change. 

When submitting an exam for scoring:

  • Make sure the answer sheets are clean and not crumpled.
  • Make sure all the answer sheets are facing the same direction (This is your responsibility).
  • The answer key(s) (the answer sheet with the correct responses) should be the first sheet(s).

You can purchase multiple-choice exam answer sheets (must have the student's 9-digit ID number) through:

Printing Services
3465 Durocher
Telephone: 514-398-6300

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interpret exam results?

How do I create a mapping file for exams with multiple versions?


For any support issues or inquiries related to exam scoring and scanning, contact [at] (Exam Scoring)

Enrolment Services Exam Office, MS-72
3415 McTavish Street (Entrance from Service Point or McLennan Library)
Send us an [at] (e-mail).

Method of Evaluation Webforms

Use these forms to indicate the method of evaluation for final exams scheduled during the final exam period.

Please select your Faculty or School:

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences







Instructor Contact Information for Final Exams

Use the Instructor Contact Information form to indicate the instructor and the associate examiner contact information for final exams.

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