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Undergraduate practical exam application 2023-24

For questions or more information, please email practicalexams.music [at] mcgill.ca.

Students: It is your responsibility to apply for your practical examinations. You cannot list the same piece on more than one examination (other than a supplemental examination) without special permission.
  • If you apply after the deadline, your application will only be accepted if you obtain special permission from the Department of Performance Chair and pay a late¬†application fee of $50.00.
  • For information about your exam requirements and cancellation policies, see your specific program page on our website.

Please note: To access the undergraduate practical exam schedule, you will need to sign in using your McGill username and password in order to access the page.

If you must reschedule your exam, please download, complete and email this form to practicalexams.music [at] mcgill.ca:

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