Undergraduate Application Materials

You need to prepare the application and supporting materials described on this page. To find out how to submit your material to us, please read how to apply.

Online application form

All music applicants must complete an online application for admission to McGill University. The following sections within the application, are specifically applicable to music applicants:

  • Music Information: you can use this area to describe your musical experience including performance and theoretical studies.
  • Statement of Intent: briefly tell us about yourself, describing why you would like to study music and where you see yourself in the future once you have completed your degree. There is no specific length required but you can copy and paste up to 2000 characters in this field. Applicants to the Sound Recording prerequisite courses should use this field to state their interest in these courses and why.

Supporting materials for all music applicants

  1. Music Reference Letter
  2. Transcripts
    • Upload unofficial transcripts from all academic institutions you attended, unless you are a CEGEP or Ontario high school student applying through OUAC. Official transcripts will only be required if offered admission.
    • Self Reported Grades: High School applicants from Canadian provinces (outside Ontario and Quebec) and the United States must self-report their grade 11 and 12 marks through the designated webform via Minerva. See instructions for applicants from high schools in Canada, and from the United States.
  3. Audition material
    • Prepare a recorded audition if you cannot participate in on-campus auditions.
  4. Proof of English proficiency
    • You may be required to demonstrate profiency in English. Visit McGill's Applying website to find out if this applies to you.

Instructions for referees:

Please undergraduateadmissions.music [at] mcgill.ca (email) a PDF letter (maximum one page) providing information concerning the applicant’s musical, academic and/or personal background to help us evaluate their qualifications for admission.

Additional program-specific materials


  • Written scores for 2 or 3 of your compositions in a single PDF document. If you have recordings available of these compositions (mp3), send us these as well. See How to Apply for submission details.
  • You can also provide other “composition-related” works like advanced harmony exercises, arrangements, orchestrations or papers written about composition (analysis, presentations, etc.).

Music Education

  • One Music Education letter of support in pdf format, clearly stating that it is in support of your application to the Music Education program and describing your potential as a music educator. This letter is in addition to the music reference letter and must also be undergraduateadmissions.music [at] mcgill.ca (emailed) directly to us by your referee.

Non-degree Sound Recording qualifying year (for the M.Mus. program)

  • On the application form, you apply as an undergraduate non-degree special student.
  • In your statement of intent (in the online application form), describe your interest in pursuing undergraduate prerequisite classes in sound recording.
  • You will provide sound recording demos with written descriptions (if available). See How to Apply for submission details.
  • Letters of recommendation are not required.
  • No audition is required.
  • An application fee will be charged.
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