About Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

2023 Information Session Presentation

Watch recording of info session & hear answers to frequently asked questions.


A Capital of World Religion

Although Israel is a religious focal point for many, it is actually so much more! Israel is a modern, dynamically developing country, located along the Mediterranean Sea. It is geographically and climatically diverse, with snow-capped mountains in the north in the winter, arid deserts in the south and east and desolate wilderness areas alongside modern vibrant cities. In addition to Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, and the capital Jerusalem, one-of-a-kind geographical wonders, such as the Ramon Crater and the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) all captivate visitors.

Israel abounds with archaeological, historical and religious sites, alongside breathtaking landscapes. Israel is also a highly dynamic country, rich in cultural and leisure options, to say nothing of delectable culinary delights. Visitors enjoy safe, modern transportation and outstanding shopping as well as fun pubs and nightclubs. What’s more, Israel’s population is a mosaic of diversity.

The Start-Up Nation

Innovative export industries are the engine of the Israeli economy and even some very small Israeli firms operate on a global scale. Many large exhibitions are held in Israel, featuring locally and internationally developed technologies in communications, computing, defense, medicine, farming and more.

Israel is one of the very few countries in the world where huge overseas investments in Israeli companies are matched by no less significant Israeli investments all over the world.

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